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Total Playstation writes: I've been sitting on this review for a while now, unsure of how to start it. Part of me simply doesn't want to commit the thoughts in my head to the permanence of putting it online for all to see, and the rest wants to hold out hope that something will change, but the reality of my time with Uncharted 3 is starting to sink in.

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UC2 was better both in Campaign and MP

NJShadow2567d ago

Campaign, story, MP, everything. Uncharted 2 is far superior to 3. Normally I shoot through an Uncharted game several times, but once I beat 3, I sort of lost the desire to go back and play through again... >.<

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NJShadow2567d ago

I give Uncharted 3 a solid 9/10.

-Brilliant production value
-Insane graphics/visuals (At times, photo-realistic)
-Satisfying action
-Playing as young Nathan Drake is INCREDIBLE, and could easily serve as it’s own game. He’s cocky, likeable, and a blast to play as.
-Modestly fun multiplayer

-Gunfights this time around are FAR too repetitive, and it feels like the game is just hurling hoards and hoards of enemies at you for no apparent reason. (This was never as prevalent in Uncharted 1 or 2, as the gameplay had far better pacing in both, and worked to change things up on a regular basis). The difficulty spikes considerately at certain parts, and for no apparent reason. I don’t know that Miss Marlow could have afforded all those agents… I’m serious, it’s borderline ridiculous.
-Story feels flat, the last portions of the game seem rushed, and are over far too quickly, with a rather disappointing ending. The first half of the game is brilliant, but then things start to fall apart after the Rub al Khali desert sequence (which is AMAZING).

I would suspect that Naughty Dog had to take a break from the “surprise ending” for the series’ own good, which I can understand. Overall, this game delivers moments that are not only jaw-dropping, but provocatively, emotionally driven, and can really pull you into another state of mind. Is it fair to say that my expectations may have been too high? Maybe, but that’s because the series has basically always been known for perfection. But even as a standalone title, there’s no denying that the flow just wasn’t as smooth this time around.

Uncharted 3 was disappointing, while simultaneously being absolutely not disappointing. That may sound odd, but if you’ve beaten the game, then you know what I mean. Brilliant game, but there were undoubtedly some rough spots.

(In context, I gave both Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2 10/10. Uncharted 3 takes two steps forward, and one step back.)

nix2567d ago

i'm half way into the game and i do have some issues. the camera sometimes acts cocky.

otherwise it's been a great ride so far. graphics (apart from the early bar scenes which weren't that great compared to the landscapes later), narration, acting, story. wow. just wow.

Kakihara2567d ago

I feel pretty much the same way, I finished the game recently enough that the end credits are still on my TV and I do have to say I much preferred Uncharted 2. This one just felt like a smaller and less significant adventure. As you mentioned I can see why they didn't want to go for the big twist a third time in a row but still I did hope the story would reveal itself to be something bigger but it never really did.

Of course I really liked it a lot but I still think Uncharted 2 holds the crown. The interaction in UC3 between the characters was an Uncharted fan's dream, seeing a little of the backstory etc. I just hoped the adventure would have developed into something more important. By the end I knew I'd had fun but I honestly had no feelings toward the antagonists whatsoever and I didn't really care about the quest. So many deeper conspiracies and relationships were hinted at only to be ignored for the rest of the story, it felt odd.

I respect Naughty dog for not casualizing the franchise and instead listening to the complaints that the second game had been too easy, I just wish they'd also listened to the complaints about the last half hour or so of Uncharted 2 where it suddenly amps up the difficulty by getting really cheap. Practically the last two thirds of this game had that cheap difficulty thing going on where, rather than thinking about the enemy placement that would make for the best and most challenging tactics driven gameplay it seems they just decided to paste snipers and rocket launchers on every ledge and a bunch of tank enemies wherever else they could.

Still great game, just not as good as the second one. Mark my words, that's how it'll go down in gaming history and that's what the people mashing the disagree button on your comment (and mine most likely) will be saying a year from now when the hype has worn off.

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