Driving Simulator In 7m Virtual Reality Dome reports:

"Toyota's latest car is designed to improve safety not by anything it does on the road, but by its performance inside a giant simulator atop a 4.5m gantry.

The system features a real car inside a 7.1m-diameter dome with a 360-degree screen on its interior surface, onto which video that mimics real-world driving is projected. The whole lot is then placed on a computer-controlled platform that shifts on hydraulics to simulate the feeling of driving".

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C_SoL3886d ago

what does this have to do with gaming?

Loopy3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Okay, for the freaking nth bloody time, it's in the TECH SECTION.
You can post anything you like in there, game related or not.
So please, stop with those it's a GAMING Website.

Some people here (like me) like tech news.

And, above all, it's a CAR SIMULATION.
Hmm... ever heard of Gran Turismo? Is it a CAR SIMULATION?