Will the Next Call of Duty be Multiplayer Only?

Call of Duty is about to release it's third heavy hitting sequel adding to the franchises mass success across the globe. Call of Duty has always released with a simultaneous campaign and multiplayer in the same package requiring splitting the developers into two massive teams dedicated to bringing not only the best campaign but also the best multiplayer experience. I can't help but wonder to myself if we will soon see an end to this in favor of releasing the multiplayer portion of the game separately from the campaign...

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s0c0m2592d ago

Knowing Activision I would not doubt they will try doing this and charging $60 regardless.

papashango2591d ago

Its only a matter of time before the cash shop comes. everyone is thinking monthly sub but they already said no.

Expect a full blown cash shop in the next year or two

Pikajew2592d ago

Probably same can be said about Battlefield

s0c0m2592d ago

Maybe, but Activision sure is known for being a bit of a d*ck.

kcuthbertson2591d ago

And so is EA...

They're the ones who started all this online pass BS.

iamnsuperman2591d ago

I think Battlefield is more likely to go multiplayer only than Call of Duty (just from the reception of the both single player modes have been getting). Too me it would be sad to see COD go multiplayer only. I enjoy the MW campaigns (even though MW2 got a little bit ridiculous).

cpayne932591d ago

MW2 campaign was more action packed and exciting, but it was all over the place storywise.

C2LIVE2591d ago

I think a lot of games have the option to do something like this. And I think if they do it, it will depend on the players and fan base if they stick with something like that. i think it's only a matter of time personally.

GraveLord2591d ago

COD campaigns are actually good it won't be multiplayer only. I enjoy the single player.

lorianguy2591d ago

Agreed. I like the campaigns personally and if it comes with a full-game price tag, then I want the full game.

s0c0m2591d ago

The campaigns are like 4 hours, not worth it at all.

C2LIVE2591d ago

the single player is not bad. But not good enough for me to care if they split it into two games that are not $60 each.

vickers5002591d ago

I hope so. Call of Duty campaigns usually tend to suck, and the only reason the majority of people buy it is for the multiplayer.

They should use that time they waste on the campaign to do something different and new with the multiplayer, or at least add much more content to the mp. Spend the money they would have spent on the campaign to give us dedicated servers instead of some on rails 4 hour crappy campaign mode.

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