PlatformNation: Uncharted 3 Review

Read on Platform Nation and fellow gamers, this game deeply deserves your attention. I have played so many games in these past years that there are times I feel almost pacified by the experience, and I almost feel that I already know what to expect from a given title long before the game disc ever starts spinning in my console or PC. But in those rare and far between moments within a gamers life, you come across a title that truly surprises you and stands as a reminder for why you have dedicated so much of your time (and money) into this hobby. It makes your jaw hang open at the sight of it, your eyes stare unblinking, and your hands swell with the sheer joy of being so directly involved in the experience. A masterpiece. What the geniuses at Naughty Dog have created with their highly anticipated, PlayStation 3 exclusive: Uncharted 3, is precisely that. A bold claim, yet I am prepared to justify it.

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supremacy2566d ago

Great 1.1 millions sales on week one, now this. Its good to be ND.

teedogg802566d ago

Uncharted 3 vs. Arkham City for GOTY.

2566d ago
Game0N2566d ago

I dont expect another game in this gen to top Uncharted 3. I stand by that 100 percent.

2566d ago