Shoot to thrill: Disturbing link between gaming and military propaganda

"Various commentators have accused Generation Y, those born after 1981, of being disrespectful, constantly distracted, unable to live without a mobile phone, contemptuous of authority, cynical and precocious. A more unlikely batch of soldiers just couldn't be imagined.

But this much-maligned generation is precisely the target that the US and Australian defence forces are homing in on in their efforts to keep the 'war on terror' well manned. And their key recruitment strategy? The humble video game."

The Age's Fran Molloy looks at the disturbing link between gaming and the military in its efforts to use video games as a propaganda tool to lure Generation Y.

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Silver Bull3t3830d ago

Whoda thunk it?

Considering they've been doing this since last-gen with the release of tactical trainers like "Full Spectrum Warrior" for commercial consumption I'm not surprised...

Maddens Raiders3830d ago

I've been playing flight-sims and have had my share of Doom games on PC for years. So was I being trained to KILL? Oh, the horror.

xm15e2s3829d ago

Fran Molloy is a cunt.