Wii U, PS Vita Don't Interest Japanese Consumers That Much

A recent demographic study by goo Research in Japan surveyed 1,083 members of their online monitor group and determined that they weren't that interested in the Wii U and the PS Vita. Only a little more than 10% said they wanted to buy a PS Vita, and less than 10% said they wanted to buy a Wii U. More than half the respondents in both cases weren't even interested in the devices at all.

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mandf2570d ago

This has got to be the worst poll I've ever seen. SO all of a sudden Japan doesn't want to play video games. If they don't want those consoles, what is left? Stop submitting stupid articles.

fluffydelusions2570d ago

Agreed. Pretty stupid survey.

Misterhbk2570d ago

Hmmm...kinda weird that all online retailers are sold out of the Vita in Japan then. No, amazon are liars they didn't sell out </sarcasm>

buddymagoo2570d ago

And to show he is telling the truth, proof. How could anyone disagree with you???

CynicalVision2570d ago

Oh no, 1083 people.

On a more serious note, people lined up in Japan just to pre-order the Vita. I'm pretty sure they're interested.

badz1492570d ago

representing over 120mil population! that's like 0.0009% of the population! and with JUST THAT, Japanese aren't interested? where did these people get their statistical education from? their asses?

Kran2570d ago

Really? A DS?

Majority of the Japanese aming community only own a DS? Seriously. They need to start trying some more stuff. Theres so much adventure they're missing out on. The world isnt all about fluffy pink creatures and plumbers who don't even do their jobss

Malice-Flare2570d ago

gaming journalism, the ability to jump to any conclusion based on flimsy data...

jack_burt0n2570d ago

I have determined that you are in fact 50% right 30% wrong and another 30% house plant..

f7897902569d ago

Any entity has the ability to jump to conclusions based on flimsy data and a lot of them do. Especially the US government.

ChickeyCantor2570d ago


Wii U hasn't really shown any consumer software.
I think the hype will start rolling next E3...IF Nintendo shows all, and not just the controller again.

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The story is too old to be commented.