Battlefield 3's success means Uncharted 3 will never top the UK chart

IncGamers: Modern Warfare 3 and the usual life-cycle of triple-A games will prevent Naughty Dog's game taking number one spot.

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fluffydelusions2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Number one spot is just that...a spot. It's irrelevant from a gameplay perspective. People who want UC3 will buy it. People who want BF3 will buy it.

hardcorehippiez2568d ago

or like me people who want both will get both, 2 excellent games which will last me well over the xmas period.

miyamoto2568d ago

Click bait article ALERT!

CynicalVision2568d ago

A multiplatform game usually sells better than an exclusive, it's not really shocking.

miyamoto2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Articles like these promotes and provoke the controversies just like in showbizness ... just like it ruined many celebrities' lives this ruins gamers minds and lives as well. This crap needs to stop in America and in UK. Enough of these irrelevant , immature and irresponsible blogging.

TopDudeMan2568d ago

I bought uncharted 3. It has my number one spot for what it's worth.

thehitman2568d ago

Exactly also action games just generally sell less than multiplayer driven games that everyone wants to have to play with their friends etc which automatically generates more sales.

TopDudeMan2568d ago

Uncharted has good multiplayer too, but I see your point. The main draw for me was the single player and I'd have bought uncharted 3 and 2 even if they didn't have the multiplayer in them.

supremacy2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Well I mean if we are talking ps3 than all platform uk ranks then this article is already flaw according this http://www.computerandvideo... Now if we are talking about in general then... http://www.computerandvideo... ofcourse, bf3 is a multiplatform game. Where as uncharted 3 is just a single exclusive, now the real question is will battlefield 3 retain the top spot once call of duty modern warfare 3 hits. Thats the real question here.

FryMeARiver2568d ago

this article does say that uncharted3 beat the sales of the seperate platforms of bf3

supremacy2568d ago

I know, but still I just wanted to point this out here before the fanboys get all worked up. Since you know some dont read anything past the headlines.

mandf2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

People will actually remember Uncharted 3 in 10 years. The fps crowd will move onto the next game as usual. What's up with all these potshots at Uncharted 3? Get over it. Uncharted is AAA. No amount of nit picking or potshots is going to change that. Sales doesn't change a higher rating or all the accolades Uncharted 3 will pick up. BF3 is a good game but it's bought by fps gamers. There are many different demographics in video games. Casuals, fps, rpgs, adventure, rts, tower defense, and a slew of others. Casual and fps happen to have the largest sale base according to sales. Don't make a game better or any less relevant according to sales. Can we have actual articles on this site with insights or news. It seems lately it's all blog or opinion piecea. These sites claim to be legit but have no staff to interview and anyone in the industry. We want creative, well written, and insightful articles. Stop with the trash. If you can't write something positive without bashing or taking potshots at another game don't write it. Can we have some standards?

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The story is too old to be commented.