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From review: "Tower defense games: love them or hate them, you had better get used to them because the genre looks to be staying around for a lot longer than most people expected. The idea of TD games is relatively simple but somehow developers keep coming up with inventive ways to both expand and evolve the genre as a whole. The latest trend developers seem to be clamoring to is the concept of giving players a controllable character to use during the waves, allowing you to get directly into the action rather than just sitting back and watching the events unfold.

Orcs Must Die is the latest release from Robot Entertainment, the same studio that handled and maintained all post launch updates for Microsoft’s Halo Wars after Ensemble completed the project. Robot has taken the traditional tower defense formula and added in a bit of dry humor, a wide variety of stages, and a wealth of upgrades that ultimately deliver one of the most addicting games in the genre to date."

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