IGN - Discovering Ico: Castle In The Mist

IGN - I first played Ico shortly after it was released in Europe in early 2002. Like many others, I was enchanted by the visuals, the atmosphere and the relationship between the game's protagonists - Ico and Yorda. The experience left me full of questions about certain aspects of the story - especially as the tale was told with real narrative economy, though vague fragmented dialogue, incomprehensible squiggles, visual prompts and the way in which the two main characters interacted with each other.

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smithdown2534d ago

Ace, I hadn't realised there was a novel. I have just ordered it from Amazon. However, now I can't help thinking that perhaps it's nicer to not have their back story spelled out like this. I realise it's just an interpretation, but the mystery is half of the game's appeal. Maybe I'll just leave it on a shelf...