UK software sales (Week ending 11/5) – Xbox 360 chart

Check out the latest Xbox 360-specific UK software sales.

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Bathyj2231d ago

Theyre called Ukanians.

ECM0NEY2231d ago

Its pretty crazy how different we are to our British brothers even though we speak the same language.

I started watching Being Human UK and there are complete conversations i dont understand bc of all the slang and what not. Great show though.

gamernova2231d ago

I'm psychic! I predict MW3 will take over lol

Bathyj2231d ago

Wow, what are you a witch?

BinaryMind2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Okay, so did Uncharted 3 not make the top 10 then? Impossible.

Focus2231d ago

Its a 360 only chart bro