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Well, it’s finally here. The first of the two ‘titans’ who will be squaring up this year in an effort to be crowned ‘Best Selling Shooter’ for 2011.

We here at StickTwiddlers have been playing BF3 now for around 10 days on both PC and console and having made sure we have put as much time as possible into the title, it’s now time for our comprehensive verdict on Battlefield 3.

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fluffydelusions2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

How MW should be? No! One is arcade the other is tactical. Both sell but for different reasons.

The Meerkat2230d ago

And neither are as good as Rainbow Six

one2thr2230d ago

Rainbow Six has a different style of play..... It's more of the lines of SOCOM...... Small team objectives, that need to be finished in a stealthy and orthodox way......

s3arch2230d ago

For realism yes, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 ftw

SJPFTW2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

he said modern warfare games. not COD:MW. learn to read noob

2230d ago
one2thr2230d ago

Carl-ATHF/AUPS1 reference? lol

StupidDude2230d ago Show
towelie12882230d ago

both games are good
battlefield is great but there are plenty of bugs
and cod is good too
will be picking up cod mw3 today

s3arch2230d ago

I hope your console or PC dies.

towelie12882230d ago


both of them are running great

thanks for caring though

Hufandpuf2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Im perfectly content with how battlefield is. The radical ideas and mechanics they implement in each iteration is why i keep coming back. The jump from bf2 to bf2142 clearly encompasses that.

If battlefield tried to conform to a COD playstyle or tactic, then that's the end of the franchise for me. And I would lose all hope in the game industry in terms of creativity and innovation.

one2thr2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Same here destruction, vehicles, bullet drop, team oriented tactics such as laser guided missile air strikes, suppression fire, tank support, dog fights, guns lots and lots of guns with plenty of attachments to accommodate everyone's needs..... And base jumping, cant forget about the base jumping lol
(no sarcasm intended)

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