Faulty guitars ruining 'Rock Band' for early adopters?

Reports of faulty guitars have lighted up the gaming world. Chalk it up to the squeaky wheels (or in this case, squeaky strum bars) being the ones to post fervently online, but know of three "Rock Band" guitars personally that are not functioning properly. From talking to friends who own the game and a source we spoke to on the phone today for a story about "Rock Band," problems are emerging: either the strum bar doesn't register the notes you're playing, registers them too often, or the "Overdrive" tilt mechanism doesn't work at all.

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MK_Red3952d ago

Harmonix games were doing great. Both of their Guitar Heros were perfect. What happened between Guitar Hero 2 and Rock Band? EA entered the ring!!
Seriously, it's not like EA can't port or makes bad PS3 games, they screw up wherever and whenever they can.

ruibing3951d ago

I had this game on backorder until I heard about the massive amounts of problems with the guitars, so I decided to just get GHIII instead until they get their act together and fix the problem.

Relcom3952d ago

Lets pray EA doesn't have the same effect on Bioware...

Sam Fisher3951d ago

im scared dont jinx it....its my pride and joy

Darrius Cole3951d ago

EA will have the same effect on Bioware. They are going to put unreasonable restrictions on their budget. That's why the EA ports suck. The EA development team has to port the game on a budget, and when they can't get more time/resources to complete the job correctly, they have to cut corners.

Ugly American3951d ago

I didn't even notice there was a problem with my Rock Band guitar, because I was enjoying the wireless freedom of my GH3 guitar WITH Rock Band. I plugged in the Rock Band version, and it works... except for the "overdrive" tilting thingee... it works 90% of the time. I have three guitars now, GH2, GH3, and Rock Band, so it shouldn't be a real issue when I send the Rock Band one in.

I am still glad I bought this game.

sleepbox3951d ago

My Fender Strat activates Star power...err...Overdrive by itself.