OXM: Why I didn't want the Skyrim review

OXM UK: "When our Skyrim review copy came into the office, there was a unanimous murmur of excitement and apprehension. We couldn't post it on Facebook fast enough. Excitement, because everyone wants to play Skyrim. If you don't want to play Skyrim, you're either lying, in denial, or showing off. Maybe you think you don't like role-playing games. Maybe you're evil."

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JohnnyMann4202569d ago

In a Butthead voice... "What a Wussy... heh heh heh"

Trenta272569d ago

Good article. Can't wait for that game.

NukaCola2569d ago

I don't how someone could review a game like this. Big responsibilty and the game has so many choices. How can you review it on one path? You really can't see enough to give a full honest review. I wouldbe a big nervous to try and fully access a massive title like this one.

blackhammer2569d ago

No doubt it's hard as hell to review a single-player game that can be over 100 hours long when for quite a while, you've mostly been stuck reviewing games with 10-20 hour single-player segments and some multiplayer.

Can't wait to see all the mods the community throws out.