Hellgate London: DX10 vs. DX9 Gaming Experience

Hard OCP Enthusiast has made some quite extensive testing on Hellgate: London on different graphics cards and looked at the difference between DX9 and DX10 in terms of performance. They seem over all positive on the performance of the game, and goes into detail on how different video cards hold up.

"Hellgate: London is just fun. It is what computer games are supposed to be. It looks fantastic, performs beautifully, and it offers something for almost anyone. It is an expertly crafted hybrid of First-Person Shooter, of Role-Playing Game, and of MMO. Hellgate kept us on our toes throughout the gameplay experience by being different literally every time we played it. It probably isn't the game that will make anyone want to upgrade from XP to Vista, but it may just make you glad if you already have Windows Vista and a DirectX 10 capable video card."

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Leord3885d ago

Seems to be a very thorough test of Hellgate, and it's performance on many of the latest, and a few older graphics cards. Question is, can you say the game is "done" now, or does it still suffer from "post release patch syndrome"?

moses3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

220 fps at 1600x1200 in DX9? Holy..., is this game really, really, really optimized, or are the graphics really that bad?

Hmm, the 8800 GT preformed better in DX10 then the 8800 GTX, hahaha.

Hydrollex3885d ago

There is not a big difference between DX 10 and DX 9 that makes u spend 1000$ on video cards and vista.

moses3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Well, vista is bull, but a 8800 GT is only around 270$, and only a little less performance then a GTX.

Edit: Well, yeah. The major factor vista sucks up is ram, so throw in an extra 1024mb stick and you're good. Also, about DX 10, of course we haven't seen what it can do. It hasn't been out for THAT long, and no game has been rendered in true, complete DX 10 because current hardware would putt along at 1fps, hahaha.

Bladestar3885d ago

I think what really pissed most people off about vista is the hardware it requires to run... most people don't like to be told they have to upgrade their hardware... I know people trying to install vista on old hardware.. ignoring the recommended specs...

I think PC owners tend to be this way... on MAC it's common knowledge that you just don't add a new OS for old hardware... the OS will not even install...

DirectX 10 have everything that DirectX 9 has... plus a lot of features that developers are not using since they have to make their games for the lowest common denominator... if they want to make money... and that is DirectX 9.... trust me kid... you have not seen what DirectX 10 does... AT ALL...
I do agree that spending lots of money for a DirectX 10 card is a waste of money... since you will not be able to take advantage of it.. since developers are not making games against it... and by the time DirectX 10 enable cards becomes the norm... their price will be a lot less and vista will have 1-2 service packs... and people will love it... just like it hapenned with windows XP...

Drewminati3885d ago

Im just waiting for the sli to be supported.. but i don't think it is yet

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