Game Designers on Stage: Just Who are They?

Myarcadeplanet discusses the concept of games as art, and the influence of icons such as Cliffy B and Jade Raymond.

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jinn3950d ago

i'm not too sure about the girl :(

Interpol Agent3950d ago

Jade is Fuking cute. Ubisoft used her like a whore to promote Assassins Creed.

scheme_a3950d ago

I'm personally getting sick of Jade.
Not that she's done anything wrong, but she had way too much exposure for a producer.
The fact that gaming news sites everywhere treated her as almost like an idol didn't help either.

Skerj3950d ago

Yeah, Patrice was the lead designer and he didn't get nearly the amount of exposure that Jade did.

okcomputer3950d ago

I didn't even know jade was an actual developer. I thought she was just a model they hired to get extra attention and promote the game.

predator3950d ago

cliffy b is class, he know his stuff technical and desgin, jade is just a producer(more like a manager), if i was running a company i would want cliffy b over jade in my team

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