Diehard GameFAN: James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes Review

DHGF: James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes is not only a good game, but it’s one of the best exclusives for the Nintendo 3DS this year. With over 140 puzzles to encounter, the ability to pick and choose what puzzles you do in story mode and the chance to unlock extra optional puzzles for fun make this game a lot of fun. Throw in some very stylized visuals, some sub-par FMV that adds to the 60s-esque charm and a fun little story involves a game show AND a serial killer and you have something that is sure to delight fans of everything from Gabriel Knight style adventure games to people who want a better (and more mature) version of Level 5′s Professor Layton games. Hollywood Crimes deserves to be a sleeper hit, but it’s up to gamers to take a chance on something that isn’t a sequel for once to make that happen.

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