Five Fantastic Games That Had Disappointing Finishes

Daily Joypad's Dan writes:

"There's nothing like going through a game that you're really enjoying only for it to have a mediocre finale that doesn't stand up with the rest of the game's brilliance. You've played for hours and hours and reached the end and were presented with something either too easy, uninteresting or just downright dull. This list will look at five titles from the last few years that whilst fantastic on the whole, just fell short at the end.

In the interest of keeping things spoiler free, the five games in this list will be Alan Wake, Resident Evil 5, L.A. Noire, Batman Arkham City and Uncharted 3. If you're not up to reading about those games' endings in any detail, please, direct your browser elsewhere or carefully skim past them to the next section. We won't mind, go enjoy those games to their fullest."

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LightSamus2570d ago

Evidently, hence why I warn people in the second paragraph. :)

Laxman2570d ago

I agree about LA Noire. In fact, once you get out of the Homicide desk, the story is pretty bland. Its more like a bad crime TV show with slightly-linked stories in the episodes and no overarcing excitment. Dont get me wrong, its one of my favorite games of the year, but a better complete story could have made it truely something special.

Convas2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Disagree on Alan Wake. Uncharted 3 and L.A. Noire though yeah.

Uncharted 3 felt so ... empty at the end. I mean, exact same setting as Uncharted 2, lost city, hidden power, I was fully expecting creatures of legend or something. I was getting excited when he was battling Marlowes's minions and they were, you know, different.

Then comes the end of the game, and I felt a bit disillusioned. I know they said no boss battles, and the knife fight against you know how was epic, but still. It felt less conclusive than Uncharted 2's ending.

And L.A. Noire, sweet mercy. Where to start. I'm just going to say that I wish they would've given us branching paths to take throughout the story, let us make our own decisions. Forcing us to play through Cole Phelp's ... indiscretion (Seriously, where the hell did this come from, and even if it DID come, why wasn't it supported in the backstory of the game?!), betrayal, and subsequent ... well, it was a crap design choice. I was mad. Not going to lie.

Captain Qwark 92569d ago

disagree with batman. great ending fun boss battle. you get to slice through foes with a sword as batman, people die, protocol 10 is stopped and its over. im not sure what else you would want, did they want batman to somehow save talia and go off and get married and live happily ever after lol?????

nothing wrong with that ending imo. he finished what he set out to do then went back to finish cleaning up AC. it ended as if it were a movie or an episode of the animated series.

Inzo2569d ago

This what I hate about gamers, more often than not we bring opinion forward as fact. In my opinion U3 had one of the best endings this gen.

ironfist922568d ago

In that case, what happened to Chloe and Cutter?


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