Five Ways FIFA 12 Must Be Fixed, Right Now

360 Magazine: FIFA 12's is in need of some critical work because online, it's got all the gameplay of a dice.

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Yi-Long2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

... compared to the brilliant WC2010 (gameplay-wise) and the also great FIFA 11...

Just too many factors in the game right now that are more about frustration and 'luck', instead of skill. Stupid GK's that drop easy saves right in front of an attacker. Stupid tackles that give the ball away, and stupid AI of your teammates as well as unfair AI advantage to the CPU when playing on the higher difficulties...

Not only that, but many of the existing annoyances are still around, like the endless menus and screens before you can finally start a match, the absense of a proper in-game player-editor, and the crappy replays and the limited amount of uploads.

Oh, and they skimped out on a proper booklet as well, which is just pathetic and sad.

DaveX3602595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I think that tackles falling to opponents is the most important problem. That and Samuel Eto'o being the greatest footballer ever to have lived.

Yi-Long2595d ago

... and that should never be the case in a videogame. Not even in a videogame about football.

DiLeCtioN2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I hate to boast but I use to own soo many people online in fia 11, now I can't even get a positive win ratio. i've drawn more than i've won...fifa 12 needs tweaking on so many levels.

Ea always want to outdo themselves, this time they really did do it but not so positive.

ACBAA2595d ago

i win = great game
i lose = terrible game ?


DaveX3602595d ago

Not necessarily. Last year, you could play a pressing game, a passing game, a wing game, a physical game. Now, slide challenges *could* get the ball from any angle, making it impossible to play a tight match. Why shield the ball when a player *could* get a lucky toe end on a ball, going through to score? It's really very frustrating indeed when this happens.

Also, scoring's as simple as a) being Samuel Eto'o and b) dribbling around everyone.

DiLeCtioN2595d ago

no not necessarily, am saying they have ruined the game with tactical defending.

iistuii2595d ago

Way round. I played Fifa 11 where people would press with A & X and just swarm all over me. But now it's all changed, instead of them holding a couple of buttons they have to actually defend with a defender and time tackles, which they struggle with. So now the more skilled players are doing better and the button presses are getting a little of heir own medicine. My main problem is if I go Pompey, they'll go Barcelona, they just use the big teams, that's why I get frustrated. There's lots of teams but everyone uses the same ones.

DaveX3602595d ago

Yeah, but a lot of people just select another player and let the CPU defend for them, still pressing a button to bring another man across but not actually controlling them.

I enjoy timing challenges correctly, it's just faster players actually control the ball faster than anyone else, as well as being able to trounce them in a sprint, so it's not exactly a fair fight.

TopDudeMan2595d ago

The games a couple of months old now and it's ea, so I doubt it'll get any major fixes. They must be working on fifa 13 by now.

DaveX3602595d ago

A lot would be amended by just making a few choice players slower than they are. Or nerfing a few choice teams (Aston Villa, Newcastle, Anzhi) just to force all the turn on a sixpence merchants to adapt their 'skills'.

TopDudeMan2595d ago

Wow, someone who plays as a team that isn't man united or chelsea or barcelona etc.

You're the last of a dying breed, my friend. :D

iistuii2595d ago

Id like to see is teams playing to their strengths or adapting to more direct play. I mean every team plays like Barcelona even Stoke lol. On higher difficulties I payed Rochdale and it was like taking on Barca, they should be more direct and miss pass a few not stinging twenty passes together.

DaveX3602595d ago


That's my point - I play as Stoke. Last year, I could trap the ball and lure defenders into free-kicks, or just simply hold off defenders and wait for support. Now, they just challenge through the back of my forwards and either win the ball or disrupt play enough to kill each attack stone dead, all without actually giving a foul away.

This might be more realistic, but as a game it's absurd.

s3arch2595d ago

Don't get me started with FIFA and there conning system of not including FIFA Street with FIFA 12. CON ARTISTS

TruthBTold2595d ago

All pro-player matches online should always be timed. I hate it when you have people that hold up matches when they don't pick a position or don't accept their position whne they have chosen it. Tactical defending online should be optional. I hate it, never use it offline but am forced to use it online, why? As some one mentioned above playing on harder just means your teams AI is dumber and the computer is faster and smarter. Not the point of creating a realistic challenge. Was much happier with wc and 2011 but movements on the players and the ball is better. Bitter sweet I guess

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