VG Chartz Featuring the First Weekly European Software Charts Ever

According to VG Chartz, here are the top 10 European software titles - with individual platforms, publishers, and units sold - for the week ending November 24th:

1. Brain Training (DS, Nintendo): 187,803
2. Assassins Creed (XB360, Ubisoft): 178,543
3. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii, Nintendo): 177,393
4. Need for Speed: ProStreet (PS2, EA): 149,927
5. High School Musical: Sing It! (PS2, Disney): 144,745
6. Assassins Creed (PS3, Ubisoft): 134,650
7. Mass Effect (XB360, Microsoft): 129,598
8. More Brain Training (DS, Nintendo): 128,614
9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PS2, Konami): 124,674
10. Nintendogs (DS, Nintendo): 120,237

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MK_Red3950d ago

Hope VGcharts is wrong and Assassins becomes the real and final number one. Still, kinda sad to see something like Brain Training outselling real games like AC, SMG, ME and such.

ElementX3950d ago

That's only because of the number of DS owners, not the quality of the game ;)

ravinash3949d ago

This is the one item that has been pushing DS's off the shelves because its middle aged people thinking they can improve their memory with it.
If it can or not, I don't know...but thats besides the point, its not a game.

Prismo_Fillusion3949d ago

I agree with all three of you, I'm sharing some bubble love.

Husso3949d ago

LOL more BS then could fit in the grand canyon.

Heaven_Or_Hell3949d ago

Any PS3 exclusive game in top 10... Too bad

ravinash3949d ago

So there you go.
What surprises me is there are 2 PS2 games there...must still be a big market of people with old PS2s.

HarryEtTubMan3949d ago

Look at Sony and Nintendo dominating the top 10... The PS2 has becoming such a legend people act like its not still kicking ass. hahaha Sony really is on their own schedule.

Korosuke3949d ago

lamo, I didn't know that the brain training(DS頭の体操) is released outside Japan.

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