MediaKick Review: Sonic Generations

MediaKick: "When it works, it’s an absolute dream. Speeding through levels at blistering pace; jumping over the strewn about obstacles; locking onto enemies and using the homing attack to find a shortcut in order to slice another few seconds off of your time. On the occasions that you manage to time your jumps perfectly, creating an expert series of moves that ultimately land you a high-scoring time, Sonic Generations is the rebirth of the blue Hedgehog that all die-hard fans have been waiting for. The sense of speed is truly incredible and the beautiful mix between the duo of Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic is both a reminder of the tough times he’s faced in recent years, and the explosive excitement he can still unduly deliver."

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cochise3132534d ago

this game has finally given sonic justice. I wasn't expecting it to be this good. after the demo, it's a must buy.