STN: Medieval Moves review

STN Writes:

Sports Champions was a wonderful game, perhaps the best title I have played using the PlayStation Move controller. Coming from the same developer I was looking for big things from Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, however it is far from the sequel I was expecting. I wanted variety, great party play and a whole lot of fun, instead what we are met with is an on-the-rails adventure, which may drive PlayStation Move off-the-rails.

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sorceror1712596d ago

Dang. I thought it had potential. I suppose I'll still check out the demo...

BitbyDeath2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Looks like they only reviewed the demo.
All those weapons mentioned were in it and at the end it said there were many more to get.

EDIT: Yep, just checked the full game has 16 weapons so this must only be a demo review.