IGN: Soulcalibur Legends Review

Closing comments by IGN's Matt Casamassina:

"Nintendo fans may find it hard to go from Soulcalibur II complete with a playable version of Link to a re-imagined sequel that is neither a fighter nor a visual stunner. Namco has been adamant that Legends was designed from the ground up for Wii, but if that's the case, the developer really wasn't very inventive about the best ways to use Nintendo's console - it merely replaced buttons with waggle. The end result is not a bad one, but it's not particularly good either. It's Soulcalibur if it were a repetitive hack-and-slash endeavor without many of the fighters that fans adore. Die-hards may be compelled to play for the unlockables, but if you've never played Soulcalibur before, don't start now."

Overall score: 6/10

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MK_Red3885d ago

Namco shouldn't have made this game. Another mediocre 3rd party title for Wii and the first low rated Soul Calibur game to date. This could have been an adventure mode or something in Soul Calibure 4 like Tekken Force in Tekken games.

BloodySinner3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

What did you expect, Red? I told you this and I will say it again. Namco just wants a piece of the gimmick train so they can cash in. Honestly, who doesn't want a piece of the Wii's success at this point?

And you wanna' know what else I noticed about this game? The animations of the playable Soul Calibur fighters are the exact same ones from Soul Calibur III. So this alone tells me Namco took those models, dumped a bunch of enemies and BINGO! You made a Nintendo Wii game.

ruibing3885d ago

What in the world happened to it? Soulcalibur has been a strong, solid franchise from Namco. Do third party developers think selling titles on the Wii is the walk in the park when they are competing with the AAA titles that Nintendo is putting out? They need to do better.

jinn3885d ago

"Legends" you gotta be kidding me?

moses3885d ago

I was kind of looking forward for the next installment. I enjoyed II and III very much :\.