Handmade Uncharted Drake’s Journal Sells for £510

The Great Gaming Crusade: "For those that have played the Uncharted series, you likely know that Drake carries around a journal, in it are often clues for specific areas in the games. Recently, a fello’ made a replica of the version of it from Uncharted 2. All the pictures in it are hand drawn and is 55 pages long, with the only thing missing are the flowers. All of this took three weeks, with about 5-6 hours a day of work on it."

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DonaldBeck2599d ago

nice looking journal, if i had that kind of money i would have bought it.

jc485732598d ago

it took him 3 weeks, so 818 is about less than 8 dollars an hour.

sashimi2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

That's just awesome. Now where can i get a mass produced version at a fraction of that cost lol. No where /cry