Kojima Productions Metal Gear Solid Teaser Revealed

Dual Pixels - Not too long ago, Konami teased a Kojima Productions related announcement scheduled for this date, and now that today has arrived we can confirm what it is.


We've added the video to the source, check it out again if you missed it before.

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BaneWilliams2329d ago


seinfan2328d ago

Is this the Japanese version of a RickRoll?

ABizzel12328d ago

I'm pissed I was expecting a new Metal Gear Soild, or at least a game.

I now know to keep my expectation low.


But I can't stay mad at Kojima forever. All is forgiven.


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fluffydelusions2329d ago

I imagine this game will be for PSV?


When Kojima trolls, everyone celebrates and laughs with him but when I troll I get banned!

Jio2329d ago

Have you produced one of the best series ever?

kesvalk2329d ago

go define a entire genre and then you can go back to trolling...


working on it ;D

Kaneda2328d ago

I thought the last Metal Gear was he was last Metal Gear.. I thought he wants to do something else??

Jio2328d ago

He usually doesn't get to choose what he makes, most game developers don't. It's usually the publisher telling them what to do, if a game sells well of course the publisher is going to want a sequel no matter what the developer wants, even if they have to give it to another developer.

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Spitfire_Riggz2329d ago

That does it! Every single time theres a "surprise" it turns out to be a total let down. You are right WTF.

perfectCarbonara2329d ago

He could be making Z.O.E. 3 instead he chooses to troll the web.

Alos882329d ago

This reminds me of the time when he made gamers think he was working on MGS for the 360, only to reveal... an MGS iPhone game.

shikamaroooo2329d ago

I remeber that there was green on button teased only to be revealed as an iPhone game

Soldierone2328d ago

That was honestly the most funny thing I saw in a while too. I had Xbox fanboy friends at the time that were so destined to push it in my face, and when it was revealed I busted out laughing and they got so angry haha

More or less it wasn't a complete troll. It tested waters to see if Rising should go to 360, and it was a really good marketing move. I mean if they outright said "iphone game" real gamers lose interest at "Ip----"