How Rockstar Can Improve GTA V

Sure, you may complain that in GTA IV you couldn’t fly jets, your physique didn’t change when pounding back Heartstoppers at Burger Shot, and you couldn’t pimp out your ride like the good old days in San Andreas, but Digital Supremacy has come up with their own list ways that Rockstar can improve GTA V...

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DonaldBeck2568d ago

add more goffyness to it, make the world more interactive.

dark-hollow2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

You can have both realism and ridiculousness

Try gay tony.

Prcko2568d ago

that is not your problem.
They know how to improve,and we won't speculate how and what they need to do,let's leave them alone and w8 till game comes out.

jriquelme_paraguay2568d ago

and who you are to say what is a problem to others?


ACBAA2568d ago

how can you improve something thats hasnt even been released..

josephps32568d ago

Please better graphics. We've been spoiled after Rage, Batman, Battlefield3, Uncharted3. I can't play in low res blurry GTA4 graphics. Make sure its at least Red Dead Redemption standard.

MikEyG2567d ago

I'd like to see them do away with health packs and make it regenerate after not getting shot for a little while like rdr