Hitman movie scores $21M

From the outset, gamers had their doubts about 20th Century Fox's film adaptation of Eidos Interactive's Hitman series. Those worries only amplified once Deadwood star Timothy Olyphant was cast in the lead and largely untested helmer Xavier Gens sat down in the director's chair. Finally, even the most optimistic fans' faith was tested when Gens was reportedly yanked from the project by studio bosses for including too much violence in his final cut.

However, like the titular assassin, Hitman proved pretty much unstoppable. Despite being pistol-whipped by most critics--although Roger "Games Are Not Art" Ebert quite enjoyed it--the film took in an estimated $21 million over the Thanksgiving weekend, according to Variety.

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MK_Red3800d ago

I was hopeing for better sales but still, for a R rated film even sell so much in presense of all those G, PG and PG-13 rated movies near holidays this is really good.
Hope more people see it because Hitman movie is definitly the first true game to movies adaptation that works.

Charlie26883800d ago

Its interesting to see how being R rated it got all that money since the last Hollywood "analysts" (or whatever) said that R rated movies (specially horror) in terms of profits are being left behind by more "family friendly" movies one (see Pixar) of the main examples given is how Hostels 2 profits were WAY bellow what people expected specially compared to other non R movies did around that period

you can also see Die Hard 4 as an example on studios that take that "trend" too seriously >.>

anyway I still cant get that guy Olyphants baby face seriously as the REAL 47 >.>

Meus Renaissance3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Batman Begins was the first IMO

EDIT: Whoops

Danja3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Mortal Kombat was the first IMO...

Batman Begins is really good though..but it doesn't fit in the game to movie's comic>>>movie>> >game...!!

MK_Red3800d ago

Meus, this is about game to movies. Batman Begins was a comic. And not only it was the first of comic-to-movies, it is both THE only one and the KING. BBB rules.
As for Mortal Kombat, it was pretty bad because it was PG-13!! Seriously, movie based on first really violent and M rate game being PG-13!? No blood and gore...

Fox was pretty stupid for making Die Hard 4 a PG-13 movie. I'm more than glad to see this R rated film do well. Charlie2688, Olyphant is perfect as 47, believe me my friend :)
A man that could do Seth in Deadwood justice, can do the same for our fave Assassin.

lawman11083800d ago

And one that did NOT get good reviews, it will tank this week

Danja3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

UMM how can you say that the first Mortal Kombat movie was bad..because of it beign PG13..?? come on now dude..the market was dfferent back then , making a video game movie R rated back then would have been box-office suicide..hence most of the players fo the game were pre-teens and middle teens...

Hitman is a good movie though the action is sweet..

Mortal Kombat was the first good game to movie...Point Blank...!!

MK_Red3800d ago

MK1 movie was a fun but it was really different from game's story. First, Scorpion should be Sub-Zero's enemy (in time frame of MK1) and Kitanat shouldn't even exist in that film. Kitana should have arrived in second movie and had to be evil at first. Shang Tsung should have been an old man in the first MK. And worst of all, Kitana DOESN'T like Liu Kang. Liu has a crush on her but Kitana doesn't like him while in the movie, they form a perfect romance!

I'm really looking forward to new MK film since it's considered a reboot and is no longer "Devastation". It was described as a "Batman Begins" reboot so my fingers are crossed :)
I've got to admit that I loved first MK movie when it came out though. I just wish they had stayed close to the game. (At least they didn't go as far off as Resident Evil: Extinction though).

The reason I say PG-13 was a big problems is that MK is DEFINED by blood, gore and fatalities. Hop the new one is a hard R.

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Bnet3433800d ago

I agree, god that girl was smokin hot

Zhuk3800d ago

good to see a strong opening weekend for hitman, probably one of the best movies based on games ever. Once its all said and done, the movie will probably be very profitable

MK_Red3800d ago

Agreed and hope it happens (movie being profitable).

Zhuk3800d ago

it's basically a sure thing now with a reasonably strong opening weekend. Once the movie has played through all its showings, had its worldwide releases, DVD sales will definitely do the rest

Daxx3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Yeah the Godfather was a great video game before they made a movie adaptation of it. /EPIC SARCASM

d3l33t3800d ago

eh, the movie sucked IMO. It was a let down :(

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