Sony: PS3 Sales Up Nearly 300% (Full Press Release)

The Playstation 3 saw a nearly 300 percent increase in sales since the 40GB and 80GB models hit on Nov. 3, Sony Computer Entertainment of America let Kotaku know today in a press release.

The short release goes on to say that PS3 sales were up 245 percent this Black Friday compared to last year's Black Friday. Of course last year Sony was still having stock issues with their shaky launch of the console.

Here's the full press release:

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced that overall PlayStation brand unit sales during the week including Black Friday increased by 178%, sales dollars increased by 154%.
Below are the sales figures for each PlayStation platform for the week including Black Friday for the top 10 retailers in North America:

PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3) hardware sales increased by 245% when compared to Black Friday sales last year.

Since November 2nd, and the availability of both the 40GB and 80GB PS3 models, PS3 hardware sales have increased by 298%.

PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) hardware sales increased by 136% when compared to previous week sales.

PlayStation®2 (PS2) hardware sales increased by 287% when compared to previous week sales.

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Real gamer 4 life3956d ago

The advertisement plus the price cut is the reason why sony is actually selling ps3 in norht america. Man those commercial come on like 24/7 and they show the great games. But Sony has to keep mommentum till next year where they will release some real good titles.

felman873956d ago

At least these commercials are good, not unlike their previous ones.

masterg3956d ago


Yeah they are still making the crap ones in Europe. I hope Sony doesn't think it's because of their ads they sell well in Europe.
They would be selling even better with the US ads.

ARBitrator3956d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

you would never be able to tell by The 80gig is knocking on the door of page 3 of the 100 best sellers at 44. and the 40 gig is almost on page 4.

I see no reason for sony to lie about this, but, I would love to know where they are being sold at. Gamestop and Bestbuy in my area says the PS3 is selling okay at best in their stores. And walmart has plenty of them.

Kinda strange is all I'm saying. But I know you guys will disagree, because it sony says it, then it must be true....right?

malingenie3955d ago

And what's with Chuck (America's NBC) showing COD4 on PS3 and PS3 boxes and everything?
Sony is getting it.

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gamesR4fun3956d ago

08 is gonna change everything

INehalemEXI3956d ago

They got the ball rolling now.

pwnsause3956d ago

great statement bubbles for you.

eagle213956d ago

They know this business and it's showing. Future is bright. Not even a year old in Europe and only a year in NA and JP.