New gameplay suggests Modern Warfare 3 is too easy

Product-Reviews writes: One thing that does seem quite frequent in all of the gameplay videos, is the ease of which you can kill your opponent – it looks like you can kill anyone with just a few bullets, rather than firing a whole clip like you may have seen more of in Black Ops for example. Is Modern Warfare 3 too easy?

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tr00p3r2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

It does seem more easy than Black Ops, but isn't that part of the whole Call of Duty 'arcade' experience anyway? I prefer a dose of effort in my FPS...each to their own.

CommonSense2593d ago

all COD Games are easy...that's the sole reason why they are popular.

Tachyon_Nova2593d ago

Played World at War on Veteran recently?

NarooN2593d ago


Yeah but that's the campaign. CoD difficulty in discussions is usually the MP. The last one that really took any skill was CoD2 lol. Everything afterwards was piss-easy.

Tired2593d ago

@Tachyon...apparently only 14% did...on ANY difficulty.

Angels37852593d ago

Surprised? NO. Before you start labeling me a COD hater seriously stop and think about it. Has COD EVER been a difficult game? Even on Veteran? I cant remember the last time I played COD and was like "DAMN I barely finished that!". COD is VERY arcady and made for the casual gamers who want to feel like hardcore gamers. Most people will agree that if COD is your MAIN game you aren't hardcore at all. COD has an extremely low learning curve, auto aim, and twitchy reaction gameplay that requires no real thinking or strategy. In the end thats what the people like these days, and thats why it sells.

tr00p3r2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Call of Duty has hardcore mode, that means they are professional gamers though...right? :|

xPhearR3dx2593d ago

The only COD game that was difficult on Veteran was WaW, and it wasn't even hard , it was completely cheap. Infinite re-spawning enemies with 15+ grenade spam = cheap as hell.

svoulis2593d ago

Yea! It was ridiculous, i was watching 3 or 4 grenade at a time right at your feet. It was annoying as hell.

ECM0NEY2593d ago

Yep! When someone tells me their a gamer and I ask them what games they play and they answer CoD, I lose all respect for them as a gamer.

memots2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Best example of this : a guy i know that plays a lot of COD was at my place.
We were chilling and he was checking out my shelve of games. He of course picked up the case for Call of duty 4 (mw1). That when i told him "Man you should try Killzone3 its online is pretty cool and the game freaking looks amazing" Whats next made me laugh fn hilarious , HE said "I wouldn't know what to do"

This my fiend is the perfect example of someone who calls himself a gamer that is most definitely is not.

wlchrbandit2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

The only reason you're suggesting it's not hardcore is because you can't feel like you're one of the 'elite' playing it. Now this isn't a personal attack, this goes out to all those gamers with a superiority complex. (I'm prepared to lose a bubble over this..)

The game has excellent, easy controls, meaning almost anyone can pick it up and be able to aim with reasonable ease. This results in a lot more players being able to carry off good scores, making you feel like one of the masses as you're not miles ahead at the top of the leader board. You prefer to play games like battlefield because the controls aren't as tight and not everyone else can be as good as you.

Sure I love a challenge in a game, but sometimes you want to just relax and kill people, and what better game than one with twitchy point and shoot game mechanics? I've also played the shit out of Battlefield Bad Company 1&2 and I'm currently playing the shit out of Battlefield 3, I LOVE those games. (I can use caps to inappropriately emphasise too! :D)

Anyways, I'm not a Call of Duty hater hater, I don't mind it if it's justified. But hey, what ya gonna do?..

radphil2593d ago


It's rare to see someone here actually explain out what they felt. :p

papashango2593d ago

Actually even with cod you can decimate the entire team and end with only 1or two deaths with no kills. I can remember 29-0 32-0 a few times using no kill steaks running and gunning, and 43-1 using kill streaks.

What I've seen from playing bf3 and cod is that ill get called a hacker a few times a day on pc cod and have only been called a hack on bf3 once so far. bf3 is definitely more action packed than mw2 or blackops.

The reason for this is dice killed the traditional bf maps to cater to the cod audience and I hate dice atm for this because I don't see myself playing bf3 for longer than a few weeks because of these crappy maps

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Shackdaddy8362593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

You should also add this video to your list:

Assault Juggernaut is the most OPd thing I've ever seen on a CoD game(and you can be sure that I will put it in my list of killstreaks to use :P)

bayport2593d ago

Yes, I was always under the impression that COD (Primarily MW2) was looked at as the obnoxiously "easy" game. With the stacking killstreaks, overly effective noob tubes/launchers, deathstreaks, commando knifing, etc.

Black Ops did the best at addressing those "issues" in my opinion. I was actually able to have a good amount of fun with black ops. I always get pissed when i play MW2...and MW3 looks ALOT...and i mean ALOT like MW2.

kennyboy2593d ago

how so explain how it looks alot like mw2, i always hear that on the internet but its never explained explain this

radphil2593d ago


One example would be the perk listing that was released out for MW3. It has many cheap stuff all over again that they said they were going to get rid of.

RememberReach2593d ago

For starters...the game itself (UI, graphics, etc.) looks almost EXACTLY like MW2, judging from these videos.

Also, the killstreaks (AC130, Predator missile, UAV, etc) and the perks are pretty much taken directly from MW2.

I'm just stating fact, though I'm sure I'll be flamed and called a BF fanboy or something.

death2smoochie2593d ago

The game looks the same in almost every way as MW2. Kill streaks are basically the same. Graphics are basically the same. The game plays easy as MW2. Perks pretty much identical.
Pretty much what everyone above me stated. Play the game and you will see.

killa916062593d ago

Tell that to the MLG tryhards.

malol2593d ago

COD in MLG is the biggest fail in the WHOLE e-sports community
i mean other game like SC2 , street fighter and CS put in the same level and league of COD

is just a disgrace to the gaming community as a whole
i mean those games require skill and dedication so you can actually be pro
while COD is like anyone can be a ((pro)) in this game

kennyboy2593d ago

you should have a k/d over 5 if your saying this game is that easy

malol2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

i can get 10 k/d if i camp
auto aim,heartbeat sensors calymores and ghost pro Is going to help me do that too

doesn't mean im any good

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