Off-Screen Skyrim Gameplay Screens Show a Beautiful World

A gamer has managed to get his hands on an early copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and has posted some off-screen screenshots from the campaign of the title.

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shodaime2229d ago

*_* cant wait to play that gorgeous game for days!!!

TrevorPhillips2229d ago

I'll be playing this game for years.

R.I.P to my social life

4 days left!! :D

Lord_Stark2229d ago

Yeah I think it's pretty much down to this and Zelda for Game of the Year, for me anyway. With this fall dominated by shooters it's great to see some traditional RPGs make a huge statement this fall.

starchild2229d ago

I obviously haven't played Skyrim, but it's looking mighty good! It will probably be between it and Deus Ex Human Revolution for my GOTY.]

Ren_2229d ago

I see a dragon in pic #8 :D

Blacktric2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

IT'S THE PS3 VERSION! Look at the last screenshot. "Press X to activate."

psb2229d ago

can't wait to invest a chunk of my life playing this beauty

a08andan2229d ago

And it is awesome that it has pretty low system requirements :D I should be able to max it out! Yey :D

a08andan2229d ago

Hmm.. I do not know what I'll play as. Always loved magic so will probably be a magic-focused character with a hint of melee. Probably focus on having a shield+ a 1 handed weapon. Probably not a bow. Gaaaahhh giiiiiiiief!

MasterCornholio2229d ago

Looks good I hope they do a good job with the PS3 version because I heard from many people that it will be a bad port.


DeathAvengers2229d ago

Nah, you're good, saw a livestream. From what I could tell, it runs great.

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