MTV's Rock Band takes on Guitar Hero - Big announcement coming

MTV Games has taken its first major step into the console game arena with the launch of "Rock Band," with company executives touting the title as the integration of music and gaming on a whole new level.

"Our belief is that 'Rock Band' is not just a game," said Jeff Yapp, executive vice president of program enterprises at MTV Networks Music Group. "It's a new platform for which to engage with music, and that's what we're most excited about."

"We're pretty optimistic about what this game is going to do," Jeff Yapp said. "But our next big announcement, which is coming up fairly quickly, is a move to a whole other realm."

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Witty Comment3951d ago

has an editor to create your own songs from your hard-drive ingame, that would be huge.

EZCheez3951d ago

It'll never happen because then there would be almost no reason for a sequel or any other DLC.

And is anyone else hooked on this game? We haven't been able to stop playing since we got it!

xplosneer3951d ago

Was playing GHIII and got a random idea....Create your own song?

Siesser3950d ago

That would be an awesome and not-too-farfetched idea. I've been a fan of Harmonix's titles since the first MTV Music Generator; so we know the staff there is capable of music-creation interfacing and programming. Allowing you to assign notes to the keys and drum pads and then make a song would be right in line with their history, and a brilliant move when it comes to progressing the genre.

moses3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

It sounds like it would be fun with a few friends, but complicated with extra controllers/parts. I don't really think it's worth the trouble.

Edit: Good point above, freedom and expandability would be great for this game. With guitar hero you are stuck with the same list of songs, playing them over and over again :\.

Jdash243951d ago

i think the only thing that would personally sell me on getting this game would be an all beatles edition

you dont even realize how amazing that would be to me, i'd buy it in a heartbeat

Relientk773951d ago

i would love to know what it is ... that would be really cool if u could make ur own songs with singing, drums, and guitar .... and it would def help rock band sell

Nuclearwinter3951d ago

online world band tour would be better, and more realistic than making your own songs.