Two Worlds: The Temptation (Expansion and PS3 Port) Revealed

WorthPlaying reports:

"Set several years after the original, The Temptation is an add-on that will put a greater emphasis on the Elves, a race that played only a marginal role in Two Worlds. The expansion will feature all-new regions to explore, new enemies (giant spiders, flying demons, etc.), improved AI and NPC behavior, reworked Drak'ar and Oswaroh environments, the ability to actively repel hits with your shield and much more. Developed by Reality Pumps, The Temptation, originally the name for the PS3 port, is currently scheduled for Q2 2008."

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Zhuk3955d ago

the best expansion they can make for this game is to improve the horrible performance issues

Genki3955d ago

Apparently, exclusive to console A means the initial release of a game. Special editions and expansion packs are fair game I suppose, right Bethesda?

Even though it's been debunked scores of times by now, this once again makes me wonder about Bioshock. Still doubt it though.

MK_Red3955d ago

Hope they fix all those terrible bugs and issues for PS3 version. I didn't play the 360 version but PC one had some potential buried in horrible bugs.

Kulupoo3955d ago

ya they def need to fix alot of bug in this game...

riqued3955d ago

Crappy game like Fatal Inertia, thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.