Broken Games That Gamers Love Anyway

Most gamers will put up with the occasional glitch, but enough cracks in the system will turn people right off.

Sometimes though, gamers find a game that they can’t put down even when they’re back at the loading screen every fifteen minutes.

Here are a few games riddled with bugs that gamers still love.

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thrust2598d ago

Just to wreak your head. he forgot bf3 ;)

Too_many_games2598d ago

it Forgot the Uncharted series :D oh no...did i go there?

RBdrift2598d ago

I don't think you went anywhere,but good lame attempt .

kma2k2598d ago

I understand & accept fallout is broken beyond repair some times but dammit i love the freakin series. Ive just developed the habbit of saving every half hour or so & every time anything big happens. I have like 15 saves for each game on the ps3 lol

kneon2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

They forgot RDR with all it's floating objects, people and animals traveling underground or well above it, riding 100 feet behind my horse, bounty targets falling through the ground after you kill them etc. And let's not forget everyone's favorites, flying bird people and donkey woman :)

jtmgames2598d ago

I have to agree about RDR, and did mention it to my writer, but it's his article so I'll make a follow-up one with RDR on it.