Call of Duty 4 Survival Guide: Rookie Edition

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one of the best multiplayer games ever created, requiring tactics, strategy, skill and a little bit of luck. I decided to put some tips together as I consistently see players making basic mistakes that, more often than not, result in the loss of a round.

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jinn3919d ago

no time for a guide, 1 second is all you have to act or face death

Bolts3919d ago

For everytime that last stand is usefull there are seven other times when it isn't worth a damn. It is a noob perk, take something that will make you more combat effective all the time. The key to extending your streaks is to kill kill kill, staying alive for one more kill isn't going to help all that much.

Another problem with last stand is it isn't very effective on the PC. PC users are amazing with their shots and they will follow you down to get credit for the kill. Xbox 360 users however tend to totally ignore the target once it drop.

Now here is a tip thats actually usefull. When playing domination and you and a few friends are caping a flag, then a grenade is tossed on your lap...pick it up! That way if the nade goes off it'll only kill you and not your friends who can continue to cap the flag. The same goes with TDM, if there's a nade tossed in crowded room, take one for the team LOL!

joydestroy3919d ago

good read for those who have just picked this up or can't figure out why they die 14 times and only get 1 kill, haha.

P4KY B3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Step 1: Learn the map
Step 2: Point
Step 3: Shoot

The Maverick3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

the fact that anyone would even use this guide and actually have the game is a juxtaposition i mean the game is not even that hard just fustrating and the main reason you die is through sheer c**kiness as you get to overconfident especially on veteren mode, well heres an unbeatable challenge do no fighting in the war room on veteren mode without dying lol

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