First Real Signs of Crysis 2 from Lead Animator

Since 2006 there has been numerous hints from Crytek that Crysis will be a trilogy. The latest hinting occurred on November 16th. Now, thanks to a tip from francis_23, inCrysis has GameStar's report from Lichtblick4D Meet & Greet where Lead Animator & Animation Manager Steven Bender revealed the first small details on Crytek's plans for Crysis 2.

Notes: The original GameStar report is in German; a translation is available at via the credit link.

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Andreiy3950d ago

"According to him, the developer's attention will be even more focused on graphics. There will be numerous improvements regarding textures (especially facial textures) and 3D-animations. Their ambitious aim is to push the game's visuals to an advanced level, that could be considered near photorealistic movie quality"

ikkokucrisis3950d ago

Hopefully they'll make a console versions of this game from the onset of their development.
It's not worth all that effort to make another one if only 10% of all the gamers in the world are going to be able to play it.

ulath6663949d ago

Since focus is on graphics, textures etc, PC is the only viable choice. Developing it for at plattforms at once will only hurt the final product since the PC will be quite far ahead of current gen consoles in 2009/2010 wen were likely to see this game...

Prismo_Fillusion3949d ago

What's the point on focusing on improving graphics? No one can play Crysis with max graphics anyway (and excellent performance/frame rate)- Crysis 2 will just have the same problem.

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