Your Loved Games Hated On

"While reading a message board I came across a thread where people were posting their favourite games alongside the worst reviews of it. This gave me the idea to put this article together. I have collected some of the most loved and highly praised games out there and searched for the most scathing and funniest criticism for each one."

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dan211uk2594d ago

What games should have been included?

dan211uk2594d ago

Also, do you agree with the criticism or do you just pass it off as nonsense!?

Simco8762594d ago

fuck I loved all these games! It seems like they were reviewing these games in 2010, late 90s were a great time for great games.

kma2k2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Good god throw in Final Fantasy III & Assasins Creed in it why dont you so you can tottally crush my heart. I serisouly loved each & every one of those games & somewhat ashamedly can say i put more hours into those games than i care to add up.

dan211uk2594d ago

You make me feel bad now.

Yeah me to.

granthinds2593d ago

It's all a matter of opinion right?