Sony Releases Black Friday Sales Statistics

Sony Computer Entertainment America has released statistics pointing to an upswing in sales over the Black Friday period in North America -- centered around the notorious retail rush that takes place the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S.

Please see the Gamasutra report for the Black Friday sales statistics of PS3, PSP, and PS2.

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Anything but Cute3953d ago

But they don't give a number in units sold. Just the percentage spike.

Could be because it's not that overwhelming. No doubt PS3 sales are rising, it's holiday season.

Lets just keep hoping XBOX 360 and Wii consoles stay sold out. LOL

It makes everyone happy, XBOX 360 fans can brag and PS3's can keep selling.

Foliage3952d ago

I haven't seen the 360 sold out yet.

Vip3r3952d ago

It has been in Europe a Japan for a while now.

BrianC62343952d ago

If the 360 is sold out in Japan and Europe it's only because Microsoft isn't shipping many consoles to those countries. I know the PS3 is way past the 360 in Japan and I beleive the 360 isn't doing all that great in major parts of Europe. Maybe Microsoft is just keeping all the 360 in the U.S.

socsca3952d ago

Europe is a country? As a swede, you know... a country in the CONTINENT Europe, I find that offensive.

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gamesblow3953d ago

Numbers and figures... Greek Salad anyone? On the up and up, though. We sold 52 Ps3's and currently have 11 in our back room as we speak here at GS. So, it was a great day for Sony in Tustin.

beoulve3953d ago

what?? 52 for a store?? that's pretty good sales for a gs store.

socomnick3953d ago

Now how many more Xbox 360s did you sell ?

gamesblow3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

We had about the same amount of xbox elite's as we did Ps3's. We got a full shipment of both. We had 11 Ps3's as of Sunday night and we had roughly the same for the xbox 360. We're a high, high volume store, though. We're in one of the richest areas of Cali, so it's not uncommon for us to sell alot of units of either system, actually. I can say this... We didn't sell near as many Wii's as we did Ps3 or Xbox 360's... Call it lack of shipment or whatever, it still goes to show you that the Ps3 and the elite are selling in spite of the wii's lack of availability.

ngg123453953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

According to Sony, PlayStation 3 sales have increased by 245% compared to last year's Black Friday sales. Further, Since November 2nd, PS3 hardware sales have increased by 298% -- which includes both the 80GB and new 40GB models.
If true(probably not) because they sold 20000 on launch date which was (7 days before black friday) it means that they sold around a 500,000. Which I highly doubt.

Anything but Cute3953d ago

I don't think they are counting their launch as last years black friday

Icecold333953d ago

Black Friday for last years was over shadowed by the PS3 launch. By the time B/F hit last year the surge of PS3's sold were tapering off due to the launch. With that being said, saying sells increased by 245% since last B/F doesn't really tell us anything.

What it does do, is give Sony a tricky way of hyping the sells of the PS3. If they really wanted to impress, why didn't they just release the actual number of units sold. Additionally, we have yearned for sony to release sells data for a long time, suddenly they release B/F sells results just three days later. This is a marketing ploy to sell more units.

By no means am I trying to bash Sony or anything, it just seems pretty obvious to me why they releases these figures. If you want to call percentages of unknown numbers "figures".

DEIx15x83952d ago

Wasn't the PS3 supply nearly empty on black friday last year?

Zhuk3953d ago

This is not true since there are so many PS3s still in piles and were relatively ignored in last weeks sales

Danja3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

So many PS3 in piles...?? don't tell me ur basing ur facts off that stupid post from earlier on...

the only Console that I didn't see available at a few electronic stores were Wii's...there were lots of 360..PS3..DS and PSP...seems like Sony shipped alot of Hardware to DUH there will be ample amounts in stock..!

The PS3 is selling well get over it...or just go get's better than that tickin time bomb..~~

jacobdevos3953d ago

lets not get upset with sony for keeping a good stock of PS3's.
i work at best buy in Toronto,Ontario,Canada and these things are flying off the shelves, we restock our 'ps3 pile' 2/3 times a day. im not going to lie we dont restock it from EMPTY but when it gets to the last ring of them we get more.
it's funny because exactly one year ago everyone was upset because there weren't enough.. the gaming community is so articulate..

Kaneda3953d ago

Who should I believe xbots or sony? :)

MikeGdaGod3953d ago

how does Zhuk maintain 5 bubbles?

Zhuk3953d ago

I have my many fans to thank for my ample supply of bubbles. I think the real question is, why is it that some of the worst fandroids on this site have 8 or 9 bubbles while moderate Xbox 360 enthusiasts sometimes have 4 or less

macalatus3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

@suck...I mean, "zhuk",

"...while moderate Xbox 360 enthusiasts sometimes have 4 or less"

Oh, you mean like "probably fake cop"lawman 1108, sak500 (aka sak o'sh!t), theMart, bluebrad1974...the big BS posters?!? Yeah, they're moderate alright!


MikeGdaGod3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

the real reason you have bubbles is because most people ignore you and that only leaves your xbot buddies to help you out.

the thing is, you only really bother children that don't know what's what. you spend all your time talking stupid and sounding dumb. maybe thats fun for you, whatever, but don't get it twisted.......

you don't have fans. they're xbots like you that obviously have nothing better to do. maybe its because they only own one gaming system..........

ngg123453952d ago

have like 10 accoutns :o.

ravinash3952d ago

The Guys in Oz!
And whats this hes going on about ample supply of fans???
He has 4 people who track him and 147 have him set to ignore.

I would set him to ignore to if it weren't for the fact I don't want him getting away from all the trolling crap this guy vomits up on a daily basis.

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