Readers are at fault, not the review scores

ButtonCombo: As gamers, we’re all familiar with the process of reviews and review scores regarding games. We anticipate score releases to see how well or how terrible a game will turn out. Yet, the majority of gamers don’t care about reviews, but only the final score. The biggest issue relating to reviews is not the score, but you, the reader.

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Rod2535d ago

Couldn’t agree more, especially with that last paragraph.

cpayne932535d ago

That's exactly what the first comment in that article says.

imoutofthecontest2534d ago

I've been sayin' this for years. Spot-on.

MagicAccent2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Honestly, I too get upset with either a score I deem to low, or too high, so I always try not to look.

Numerical ratings are so 1990, and I've been saying that for ages.
If you want a quick and dirty option to decide whether a game if worthy of a purchase or not, just read the final paragraph, it usually sums up the reviewers opinions.

SonyNGP2535d ago

"At the end of the day scores are pointless, will always be pointless and have always been pointless. They merely give gamers a reason to bicker and an excuse to skip over the writers opinions."

This goes out to certain people who said reviews without a score aren't reviews.

WolfLeBlack2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

I actually think review scores are useful, it's just that reviewers has lost sight of the point of them, as have the gamers themselves, and that gamers often take them out of context and use them to brag about their games without reading the text, oftem using them as some sort of "proof" that their game is better than yours. That's just my view, though :)

Rod2535d ago

"reviewers has lost sight of the point of them" - I disagree. I think it's gamers that have lost sight of the point of them.

WolfLeBlack2535d ago

@ Rod. I had actually meant to say that :D Edit time lol

palaeomerus2534d ago

If people give games stupid scores for stupid reasons then YES scores WILL be pointless. As it is they are not quite pointless but they do tend to show a distinct lack of professional method or standards in the game reviewing process.

Either there is a "right" way to review and criticize games or game criticism is not really a field of knowledge and the reviews are just some sad flaky flailing attempt to pretend to provide something of meaning and value to a potential consumer with no real understanding of what the consumers want from a game review. There doesn't seem to be any real standard for what we should like or dislike in a game. It's just flakes shouting ba-bah-ba-bah and hoping that someone nods their head and "gets it".
It's going through the motions and it's silly the way that it is but at least Most reviews seem to be able to stay within 2 points of each other. So there is some common understanding in evidence. Just not much.

ashbc2535d ago

Definitely agree with this article.

MultiConsoleGamer2535d ago

Biased reviews, money hats, fan baiting, and fanboys in gaming journalism. That's the problem with reviews. Unfortunately reviews are a necessary evil.

svoulis2535d ago

The biggest issue with every person who takes reviews into consideration, is the fact that they aren't going into the review KNOWING it is simply ones opinion and not a fact.

I feel this happens more from the younger crowd of gamers who haven't been around before the interwebs became popular.

SKUD2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Completely agree. I wonder what gaming life would be like without opinion based game reviews. Gamers would actually have to try / play games and form there own opinions.

Gaming was A LOT more social back then IMO. Borrowing / trading games and systems. Now social gaming means everyone with a mic yelling at each other at the same time and ultra raging.

svoulis2535d ago

Yea i miss swapping out Genesis games with friends and talking about the game between us friends. Not websites telling me how good the game was. Its all pointless NO REVIEW will stop me from playing a game i am interested in.

Quantum Theory anyone? (jk jk)

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