Did Rockstar Reveal The Cities and Theme for Grand Theft Auto V?

Joel Taveras, writes "The internet was set ablaze on November 2nd, following the release of the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. And just as we thought it was everything and nothing at the same time, it seems as though the video was cleverly targeted in a way that it would get GTA purists’ (those missing the days of San Andreas) blood pumping with the promise of a return to the sunshine state as well as some series favorites such as planes and mini games. At the same time it seems that much of the game’s location and perhaps overall theme was completely thrown out there for the taking — it was all a matter of decoding it. I think that I’ve managed to have done just that.

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Tenkin2535d ago

Setting Los Santos and surrounding areas, reason to believe san fierro and las venturas will be added due to alleged former employee's twitter account.
Theme, money and the collapse of the economy, that one was easy it's in the trailers and the journalist on /v said something about it

Sugreev20012534d ago

I hope Las Venturas and San Fierro are confirmed in the near future.I remember that even the GTA:San Andreas debut trailer only showed Los Santos and it's surroundings.Perhaps Rockstar will reveal future locations just like they did when SA was about to be released.

HeavenlySnipes2535d ago

Can't wait for this game. I'd give GTAIV a 9/10. Only thing it was missing was buying houses, different environments and customization of the character and cars and such. Hopefully R* can rectify this

Abriael2534d ago

Guess I'm the only one whose excitement level is pretty low. But I'm always up to be surprised. Not that I expect it. In the meanwhile I'll play that other game that someone say is an imitation of GTA, and that is shaping up at the typical student that surpassed the teacher.

Bounkass2535d ago

Mexico huh? Interesting... Never thought of that!

JoelT2534d ago

It was something that was so obvious when you think about it, but overlooked by EVERYONE! R* took us to Mexico in RDR, I wouldn't put it past them to return to the city in modern day.

ArcticFox2534d ago

I think heading to Mexico is a really interesting theory.

The constant flashes of Migrant workers at the very least suggest that it could very well come into serious play.

Don't forget, GTA IV was about an immigrant trying to make it in America as well, so I'm not entirely sure that will be the case here, but if it is someone trying to help or hinder the population, I could totally understand a journey to the GTA universe's Tijuana.

alexaray2534d ago

Holy crap this makes TOTAL SENSE. Amazing catch in the trailer, dude!