PixlBit's Sonic Generations Review

"I really have to say Sonic Generations is a good game. It's a good Sonic game. Certainly, it's not the best, but Generations is far from the worst as well. While the stages and the two Sonics work well in tandem, the cutscenes, the challenges, and the boss fights really weigh Sonic(s) down. As someone who has enjoyed Sonic's Genesis days, and someone who groaned through the issues of Sonic as of late, I'm satisfied with the hedgehog's latest adventure, but I still see clear room for improvement. Given this, Sonic Generations really does capture the whole of Sonic's history in its entirety, from the good to the bad, and even a little bit of the ugly."

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Rikitatsu2595d ago

The majority of the challenges are great.

and lol @ complaining about cutscenes in a Sonic game... it has a bout 6 short cutscenes in the whole game anyway.... of all the things to complain about...

But yes, most boss fights are terrible.