Mass Amount of Mass Effect 3 Footage Revealed

An analysis of what can be gleaned from the multiplayer beta footage revealed.

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padz12597d ago

This looks amazing!! I simply cannot wait for this game.

starchild2597d ago

ME3 is my most anticipated game at this point. Deus Ex Human Revolution was amazing, Uncharted 3 was amazing, Batman AC was Ive got my eyes on Skyrim and ME3.

Gamer-Z2597d ago

I was against mp at first for this game but actually this doesn't look half bad.

L6RD7BLU32597d ago

As long as it doesn't mess up single player like f.e.a.r 3 and lost planet 2.

SageHonor2597d ago

I played it :).

Its actually quite fun combining your powers with friends. I got to play as a Vanguard!

KaBaW2597d ago

What all races can you choose from? o.O
And, it's 4 player co-op, is that right?

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