Playstation 3, Wii and Halo 3 Drives 22% Surge in Black Friday Margins

Online shopping surged on Black Friday, and most major retail sites held up well under the burden of increased traffic, according to recent reports.

ComScore found that online spending rose 22%, to $531 million, compared to last year, while Thanksgiving Day spending online rose 29% to $272 million. The company found that shoppers have spent more than $9.3 billion since Nov. 1.

"The Friday after Thanksgiving is known for heavy spending in retail stores, but it's clear that consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet to make their holiday purchases," comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni said in a statement. "Online spending on Black Friday has historically represented an early indicator of how the rest of the season will shake out."

Fulgoni said that Black Friday's growth shows momentum and bodes well for the season. He said he expected Cyber Monday sales to top $700 million.

"While this would make it the heaviest online shopping day on record, we can expect to see even stronger days ahead as the 2007 shopping season progresses into December," he said.

Video games, consoles, and accessories held the top slot for hottest retail product category, with a rise of 134% compared to Black Friday last year. The Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, and game Halo 3 drove growth in that category, Fulgoni said.

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jaaz3915d ago

but not the 360 console itself as driving sales.


beoulve3915d ago

XBOX 360 already got early thanksgiving sales in september. Now it's all about Software sales. As for PS3, people been holding back to buy one, now with some insane free 15 Blu-ray deal, it's a no brainer. Wii??? That's always ppl wanted to buy them.

wiizy3915d ago

oh boy....just say the wii brought growth...end of story

wil4hire3915d ago

The PS3 has good games.
Its selling well.

As does the 360
As does the Wii

The fanboy crap needs to end now.

Danja3915d ago

UMM I think yur asking for too much too quickly ..eehh..??
but all 3 systems are selling well so that's good..

and I find it funny that the post below you is doing the exact opposite of wat you just asked

I'll give yah a bubble since you've been making some really good post as of lately..bubbles up..!!^^^

wangdiddy823915d ago

MS should have waited to release halo 3 in 2008..

GIJeff3915d ago

the game woulda sucked then too. (jk) its not THAT bad.

remix3915d ago

i wonder how good the 360 sold this black friday.

to be honest, i think the 360 got alot of its early sales this september when halo 3 came out. but it will still sell well this christmas. i think that the 360 will fall the hardest out of any of the 3 consoles after this chritmas though. espicially with splinter cell being pushed back possible to fall of 08

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