Gears 3 Not nominated for VGA's Game of The Year Are we surprised?

GamerFitNation's BlackBible gives his thoughts on that Fact that Gear of War 3 not being nominated for Spike's Game of the Year Awards this your. After checking out Spike video game awards nominees on GFN was surprised to see that Gears of War 3 wasn't nominated for Game of the Year.

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jaredhart2592d ago

it's a good game and defeinitely deserves to be considered but I can't see it as GOTY.


I agree I feel that it should be an contender at the very least.

Abash2592d ago

Gears of War 3 did not blow me away just like Gears of War 2 didn't. The first Gears of War will always be my favorite.

Its still a nice game, but with games like Uncharted 3, Skyrim, and Arkham City this year you have to be a pretty damn amazing game to even fit into the nominations.

LOGICWINS2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

"Its still a nice game, but with games like Uncharted 3, Skyrim, and Arkham City this year you have to be a pretty damn amazing game to even fit into the nominations."

Whos to say that Gears 3 isn't as "amazing" as all those game you just mentioned? I think Gears 3 deserves a spot as well.

@Papertiger- Exactly. We we think doesn't matter when it comes to these awards.

They should at least wait until AC: Revelations is out since it could be a potential GOTY contender. Either way, I'll be watching for the game premiers and a potential Carmen Electra nipple slip.

Papertiger2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Well to him and the head honcho's of the VGA's it wasn't as "amazing" as the rest which is why it wasn't given a spot. That's not really fair, but If it was your personal GOTY however, then the VGA's shouldn't really matter to you.

Dante1122592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Thought Gears of War 3 might be up there this year since it's the last game. Would've been cool if the Gears of War series atleast won one Spike GOTY VGA this gen.

Edit: Yeah, I kinda feel like they announce the nominees too soon. Skyrim doesn't even have reviews and it made the list.

RedDead2592d ago

Don't really understand...Uncharted is 93/100 on Meta, Gears is 91...Skyrim has almost no reviews. Even though Skyrim will prob be my GotY, Gears 3 deserves the spot at the moment. But maybe they don't want two Tps in there

BlindGuardian2592d ago

well, there's just room for five, in my list it would 7th or 8th for best of the year

nix2592d ago

good but not good enough to be up there.

HappyGaming2592d ago

I didnt know it was even out...

ApplEaglElephant2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Good game, but there are simply better games out this year.

its called general consensus among non biased gamers.

gamingdroid2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I wish it was a way for users to vote for the nominations. I think that list would have been very different if gamers was voting.

I also find it odd that many games that haven't been released yet, received reviews yet are nominated. Clearly we won't know for another month if those nominations are reasonable.

Either way, it doesn't matter to me, because I think gamers can tell what is good and not. Gamers will vote with their wallet and how much time they spend with the game!

***its called general consensus among non biased gamers.***

How is it consensus among gamers? I think the consensus among reviewers has spoken a very different picture while the consensus among gamers is a popularity contest since some of those games haven't been released yet.

It's not like Spike had a publicly open voting going on there....

teething2592d ago

Well done Spike... last time I checked not all the games on your list were actually released, yet the public can vote for them.

That says a lot for how little the awards mean.

Skip_Bayless2591d ago

Gears 3 actually exceeded my expectations but it's not doing enough the "newness factor" category. Every other game being nominated gives you a slightly more new experience.

OmegaSlayer2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Gears 3 is a great game and would have deserved a spot's on a dying hardware.
Epic shoot themselves in the foot by releasing only on 360.

Hayabusa 1172591d ago

If you know it isn't going to win, why nominate it? If you want to acknowledge it for it's achievement, have an "honorary" category or something. And as much as I love Gears 3 I know it isn't going to win anything because there are so many other games out this year that have innovated far more than Gears 3.

But what also doesn't make sense is why nominate Skyrim when it isn't even out yet :( Don't get me wrong, I want Skyrim to win, but that's because I'm an Oblivion fanboy, not because I've played Skyrim and think it's the best game ever (yet) which is why it seems a little biased nominating a game that isn't out and hasn't been played by the mass public.

PetitPiPi2591d ago


You didn't know Gears was out?? How can someone visit N4G and call themselves a gamer and not know Gears 3 was released? It must've been the lack of articles and marketing. :/

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SnakeCQC2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

i played the game and thought it seemed very good but its only flaw and the same flaw a few other games had who hoped to be goty was the fact they came out the same year as skyrim

theonlylolking2592d ago

No, the big flaws are that most of the DLC is already on disc and major frame rate drops in story mode.

vickers5002592d ago


Actually only the first DLC pack is on the disc, the rest will be downloadable.

And I never encountered any frame rate drops in Gears of War 3, and if I did, I never even noticed it, so saying "major framerate drops" is bs.

Then again, you do have rich history of fanboyism, so I guess your idiotic comment is nothing to be surprised about.

kingdavid2592d ago

Gears of war 3 online is just great. One of the best multi experiences ive had this gen.

Hayabusa 1172591d ago

@ Erudito87

I agree 100%, you can't aim for GOTY in the same year as Skyrim, that's just silly :/

@ theonlylolking

I haven't seen any frame rate drops in single player or multiplayer. I keep telling you to stop smoking that crack, it's not good for you :(

SnakeCQC2591d ago

gears of war 3 played pretty well no problems at all(played a bit of story and multiplayer) although the bots in an online mode were kinda too hard (might be because i suck at gears lol)

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StraightPath2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

hmm just 2% below of the likes of Uncharted 3 on metacritic i think it should of been among the candidates. Also there are plenty of games ..if they wanted to add another RPG they could of added Xenoblades from the Wii too.

damn Zelda is on a 98% metacritic so far with its few reviews? mind blowing game incoming? that will destroy the likes of games from Xbox and PS3 and PC?

Gears of War 3 is same par as Uncharted 3 so both should of got recognition, whereas Gears Of War does have a abundance of multiplayer and coperative modes. Horde Mode , Beast Mode , Multiplayer that is vastly superior to Uncharted 3 multiplayer. Easily.

I am on the cargo plane level on uncharted 3 so far it is a excellent game but after the platnuim i wont be playing it again. Multiplayer not on the same level as Gears. I will be sending it back through the post. ( I rented it and also rented Gears 3)

Damn Zelda with no hype nothing if it pulls this off it could be the HIGHEST rated game this year. Zelda games are full of innovation and groundbreaking material pushing the industry forward while games lacking behind.

So far Batman AC and Portal 2 remain highest rated.

nondecaf2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I could understand why gears 3 is not one of the nominees because of the way Dom dies,it was lame just like Tai's death,really? the toughest most luckiest guy who revelled the killing of hundreds of locust smokes himself because they were to intimidating if Dom really felt that way he should of committed suicide at the end of part two instead of letting it be some what of a focal point in part three,gears was all about fun and making you feel like a bada** and they unnescessarily "retro-lanced" it home from gears 2 to 3.

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DeathAvengers2592d ago

I kind of agree, the UC multiplayer experience was kind of dull. However, the single player campaign is inferior on Gears of War's side. I can see them both being contenders, they're both great games. Depending on what you value more in a game, multiplayer or singleplayer, you can decide. Honestly, I could see them taking Portal off for Gears 3. Great game, but really enjoyed Gears more.

frostypants2592d ago

U3 online is just like Gears, but with climbing. I cannot see how you could prefer Gears. I love Gears campaign, but online I hardly touch it.

jimbobwahey2592d ago

The multiplayer is exactly why I rate Uncharted 3 higher than Gears 3 personally. The problems are that the sawn-off shotgun has completely broken Gears 3 multiplayer and the majority of the maps are terrible. Uncharted 3 excels with absolutely perfect balance, a great roster of genuinely good maps and a fully fleshed out multiplayer mode covering versus modes, a great co-op mode, a horde mode, and even a co-op versus mode. You can certainly tell that Naughty Dog put a lot more care and attention into the multiplayer component of Uncharted 3 whereas Epic, I have absolutely no idea what they were thinking.

I mean even during the original Gears 3 beta players were saying that the sawn-off had broken the game, but Epic only gave it a minor nerf. Then combine that with the pitifully small amount of multiplayer content (oh hey, look at all those skins and maps already on the disc that we have to pay for...) and yeah, Gears 3 has no place on any GOTY lists. They've treated those of us who bought their game like crap so quite frankly, screw 'em. Money grabbing scumbags.

vickers5002592d ago


Please stop talking out of your ass. If you can't avoid the sawed off shotgun, then that's your problem, not the games. How about trying to use something other than a shotgun? Retro lancers make very quick work of those who try to use the sawed off, as does pretty much every other automatic assault rifle.

I've yet to try Uncharted 3s full multiplayer mode, but the multiplayer beta that I played was absolutely TERRIBLE. I'll give it another shot, but I'll probably only put in a few hours before I stop playing if it's mostly the same as the beta, and this is coming from someone who really likes a lot of different multiplayer games.

jneul2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

seen as ninty has just been repeating zelda over and over again but with newer gameplay ideas. i expect the same treatment as what uncharted got in several places i.e points deducted, but you can bet it won't happen as the media love to hate on sony
Zelda is cool tho dont get me wrong i wanna play on skyward sword...
Anyway just finished uncharted 3 imo its a 98/100 easy, (i deducted 2 points just for ending too soon lol:-D - JOKING NO GAME IS PERFECT)

A-Glorious-Dawn2591d ago

I bought Uncharted 3 for the campaign, however I find myself fully enjoying the multiplayer to the extent that it's keeping me off battlefield 3...

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oohWii2592d ago

Wait! Is skyrim even out yet?

This is just more gaming market politics. What a crock of BS.

Either way, what does Spike GOTY really mean anyway?

Rubberlegs2592d ago

They used journalists select the games. Even though Skrim and Zelda aren't yet they all have played them.

oohWii2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )


I noticed on their stupid site, they have an area where that want gamers to select who they think will win. How can a gamer make a decision if some of the games aren't even out.


Shackdaddy8362592d ago

^^ Ya. VGAs have been a joke for a while. I don't even watch it anymore...

Septic2592d ago

I think GoW 3 is great but I can understand it not being nominated for GoTY. It is an exceptionally great game that refines the formula from its predecessors greatly but the single player campaign, whilst enjoyable, didn't have the impact it did all those years back. It is brimming with amazing content though.

With the likes of Deus Ex, Uncharted 3 (single player only), Skyrim, Zelda to name but a few all vying for the title of Game of the Year, its just a little too saturated for a heavily action orientated game.

Marquis_de_Sade2591d ago

"Uncharted 3 (single player only)"


Septic2591d ago

@ Marquis-

I'm saying the Single Player portion of the game only really qualifies for a mention as far as the GOTY award is concerned. The MP is nothing special that would warrant a GOTY award.

showtimefolks2592d ago

i agree with a lot of my fellow gamers its a good borderline great game. Gears 2 to me is the best in the series but the 1st had a wow factor

nominated sure but winning no way

but VGA's made a mistake it should be nominated atleast

KingME2591d ago

I prefer gears 3 over 2, but I still can't understand how they can nominate games that aren't even out yet.

Sounds like politics to me. Gears 3 should have definitely been nominated.

I think they also need to develop some criteria that reads something to the effect that the game has to have been out for at least 1 month in order to qualify. Or they need to do their GOTY show after the year is over.

fluffydelusions2592d ago

I finished this game the other day and enjoyed it a lot. What I don't get is how Skyrim is nominated but no official reviews are even out yet...what's up with that?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2592d ago

There are no official reviews out yet because there is an embargo. The actual reviews are already written out, they are just waiting till the 10th to actually post them.

ATi_Elite2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

With Portal 2 being the only game on that list that i have fully played (2 just came out 2 are not out) besides Gears 3.........wait a minute!

In reality I don't give a shite what Spike nominates cause their award show is CRAPPY Crap CRAP! Sorry i just thought about that. Gears 3 is very good imo but GOTY is a stretch!

Like I always say.....I'm sure all your favorite video games will win a GOTY award cause so many publications hand it out and Spike is NOT the definitive video game award or award show.


U3---->Gears3.Ps3---->Xb ox360. Enough said.

DeathAvengers2592d ago

Wait what? Clearly not, because I don't understand what you're getting at.

evilunklebud2592d ago

Not sure what the hell you are you are talking about......

Spitfire_Riggz2592d ago

I know that skyrim is going to be great, but without it even out yet how do we know its a contender? just curious

BinaryMind2592d ago

Even if you hated Gears 3, it still deserves to be on the list more than the two games NOT YET RELEASED!

spicelicka2592d ago

i thought so too, but after unwillingly playing 4 hours per day of non-stop multiplayer, horde, beast, and 4 player campaign for the past few days, i am just not able to fathom why this game isn't nominated for game of the year.

otherZinc2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )


This is further evidence of a popularity contest with ZERO factual results; I'll explain:

3 iterations of Gears & Uncharted:
Gears outsold each Uncharted game

Gears 3 vs Uncharted 3 will be no different. Gears 3 will outsell Uncharted 3's year end total, just using Gears 3's day 1 sales!

Explain that VGA's.

Further more, Uncharted 3 has an awful multiplayer that definitely wont be played longer than Gears 3.
Yet they get a nomination?


Gears 3 is one of the greatest games of All Times!

If I'm Cliff & Epic, I'm satisfied with the money in my pocket & the amount of people playing each day, Thats the point of making great games!

Consistent Sales makes this statement a Fact!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2592d ago

If this was a popularity contest, I can't see why Gears isn't there. By your logic is should be there as it is more popular according to sales.

Face it, journalists choose the nominees, and it was more or less agreed by MOST of them that Gears didn't have a spot there.

I'm actually kinda surprised you called Gears 3 one of the best games of all time. I mean yeah, it's a good game, DEFINITELY NOT one of the best though.

That would be like me arguing Drakengard is one of the best games ever LOL, sure I love the series to death, but definitely not the best buddy.

Deathdeliverer2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Im sorry fella but sales don't equal a better game. Your first bullet point is ousted by that FACT. Secondly your comment about the UC3 multiplayer is YOUR opinion, which you are entitled to, but it is also not fact. Some games have more longevity than others but again that isn't instantly damning the shorter longevity game to be weaker. Take Twilight Princess for example. Its a great game TO me, truely epic on that first run. Longevity wise though it was rather weak. Then compare it to Halo Reach. Sure Reach has loads more longevity and is good mindless fun at times, but it at NO point gave me the feelings or emotions that TP gave. Demon Souls also killed halo in the better game category but lost in sales and longevity. (to a degree, I beat demon souls 4 times) Others are giving good thoughts, opinions, and valid reasons why game X should be nominated instead of game Y. You and the other fans are just taking up space with illogical junk. One more thing. Portal really shouldn't be on that list. Gears is at the very least above portal TO ME in all aspects. Not GOTY but edges out portal even if slightly. Batman and UC3 are a toss up, but with skyrim releasing on the 11th and over a month left for voting, theres ample time for people to delve deep into skyrim and make a fair unbiased vote. I will hold my vote until then. And lets not forget skyward sword! (reserved for golden wiimote!)

Forbidden_Darkness2591d ago

Sales don't make any game better, it just means more people bought it. To make my point clear, does Call of Dutys consistant yearly record breaking sales make it the best game ever created? I wonder how many people would say no to that? Which, would by your definition, should also have made it GOTY since 2007.

Also, YOU say UC3s multiplayer sucks, but that's just your opinion. Lets look at the metacritic:

Uncharted 1: 88, Uncharted 2: 96, Uncharted 3: 93

Gears 1: 94, Gears 2: 93, Gears 3: 91

Not only does the Uncharted 3 and 2 have higher scores than Gears 3 and 2, but Uncharted 2 received over 200 GOTY awards, proving that the Uncharted series is outstanding to say the least. It also hold more merit than sales, because reviews aren't based on advertisment or such, like sales are. They are based of real opinions of a game. Though I see no reason for giving one game GOTY over another (because I find myself enjoying multiple games a year), I just thought I had to show you a different perspective.

I have loved the Gears of War series from the beginning, it has never felt GOTY material to me (close, but not close enough). That's a matter of my opinion too, but an opinion of which is backed up.

Sales, ratings, GOTY awards, etc. shouldn't change your opinion of any game. Just enjoy the games you enjoy (be that Gears, Uncharted, Call of Duty or etc) and not worry about what others games score or are rewarded above them.

Gamer19822591d ago

Your comparing sales? Fail... 360 is a shooters console so shooters always sell well on 360. Uncharted is a better game than Gears however since its not a shooter it doesn't sell as well. Nothing sells as well as shooters especially not on 360. COD is perfect proof of this. Nothing outsells COD even though its a crap series of titles. Not even the mighty GTA outsells it which also have violence and guns.

It's a shame violence sells these days and the more violent you make your game the more sales you get. But it doesn't make it a better game.

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evilunklebud2592d ago

It was good fun, but not like gears II. It will problably be Batman.

JsonHenry2592d ago

I don't think it deserves a spot on the list. Not considering what the competition is anyway. But hey, its based on other peoples opinions than our own so we are not gonna agree with it 100%.

Gamer19822591d ago

Exactly they only nominate 5 and the best 5 had to be picked Gears just didn't cut it enough. It's not that it wasn't a great game. If they had 10 games on there then it would definitely be on it. Along with Forza no doubt and maybe a ps3 exclusive.

Drake1172592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

The list that they have is perfect. If gears 3 came out last year then it would of had a chance. Like many others this is prob (for me) 6-8 best game this year. Yes zelda and skyrim have not been released yet but both nintendo and Bethesda have amazing track records and people generally know what they are gonna get when they play both those games. Plus GT the ppl who do the VGAs already have a copy of both.


So The Video Game Awards are legit? yeah right.

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Prophet-Gamer2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Gears 3 was good but I think storywise it just can't compete with the top tiered franchises like UC and TES. Though the story was great improved, whenever one thinks Gears you think about steroid fueled macho men shooting down wave after wave of aliens. Pretty generic and even though it's great, it just isn't of the same caliber as say UC. When you think UC you think epic cinematic, great characters, amazing story and graphics, not to mention sound. Which one sounds like the better quality game?

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coolbeans2592d ago

It's just Awards Show's opinion. Why should it matter which one falls through the cracks when there's only 5 nominees chosen?

omi25p2592d ago

Im glad it wasnt. Biggest disapointment for me this year. I played Gears 1/2 to death and still play gears 2.

But Gears 3 online is so easy its gone from being a really hard game to play online to being one of the easiest.

I loved Gears 1/2 because of how challenging they were and the fact it took alot of bullets to kill just 1 player and every kill was memorable.

But now i can just 1 shot kill everything with the Gnasher and completely forget how many kills ive gotten because they are so easy to get.

At first i was hoping they would fix this but now i dont see that happening.

dark-hollow2592d ago

I can't see how any gears fan could prefer gears 2 over 3.

1 is understandable, but 2 is just....

omi25p2592d ago

Gears 2 took at least 2 shots kill someone with a gnasher, Gears 3 barely takes one.

Eyeco2592d ago

im not the biggest gears fan but 3 is definatley my least favourite not because its inferior because its not i consider it to be the best but its not my PERSONAL favourite, i loved the dark gritty hellish chaotic feel of the 1st two games you really felt like humanity was on the brink extinction.

However i can see why people prefer gears of war 3 especially on a gameplay standpoint seeing as its the most refined in the series.

aviator1892592d ago

Idk, I thought the mp for gears 2, while fun, just wasn't great. In my opinion, gears 3 mp easily bests gears 2 mp.

multipayer2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Maybe they can bring back the terrible lag those games suffered for you. Gears of War 3 is just a bit faster paced, you could always gnasher people like no tomorrow. Just like I could always spastically shoot a pistol and make people regret ever rushing me. It is essentially the same game, with more noobies/bots and ALOT less lag.

I'd nominate it for GOTY just because the multiplayer pretty much defines Xbox Live. Why the hell do people pay if they don't want this... The campaign even tells a pretty good story and it's 4player coop.

_Aarix_2592d ago

Omi, here's our problem. You don't play it right. In gears 3 all the mechanics have been kinked out so that shotguns are more effective but only if you're up close. You can't be a good gears player without using cover correctly. If you are so close to them that a shotgun will hurt and you can't out shotgun them then use your smoke, jump out of the way and gun their ass down. You should know better than to get close to someone on account of the sawed off

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TheBlackMask2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

This isn't really fair to be honest.

I would take Zelda out and put in Gears of War 3, no offense to Zelda fans, even though the game looks amazing (I suppose like ALL Zelda titles ¬¬) it's been overshadowed so much by all the other GOTY contenders this year. I know it dosen't get a game GOTY but I have seen no hype towards Zelda at all, not like WindWaker or Twilight Princess.

Gears of War 3 deserves to be on there more then Zelda. It was a game which has been compared to Uncharted 3, don't you think it's fair to let them go head to head for dosen't matter if it probably won't win, it's the thought that counts.

Kur02592d ago

I stopped reading at take Zelda out.