Edge Gives A Perfect 10/10 To Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy is impossible. Don't get the wrong idea – it's not a particularly difficult game, although it does have its moments. What Edge means is, it obeys no rules, contradicts everything gamers know, and has no right to exist.

Mario Galaxy turns 3D into 2D, and 2D into 3D. It takes complex spatial ideas and makes them simple and instinctive; it takes the most basic, most familiar acts in gaming and makes them strange, finger-twisting and fresh. It resurrects the pure platform game in a universe where it's hard to fall off things. It rewrites its own rules in almost every level, sometimes more than once. Super Mario Galaxy rejoices in turning the world upside down.

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Maestro3956d ago

Super Mario Galaxy = Game of the Decade.

crazy250003956d ago

maybe for last decade :)

BIoodmask3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

I posted this just for you. I saw it in the tips section, and I know that you are a Super Mario Galaxy enthusiast, as I am. Keep up the good PR on Nintendo's newest Mario gem.

And to others, what is with all the hate??? Super Mario Galaxy is a great game. It has the highest rating on Metacritic ever.

Danja3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

so because it's the highest rated game on metacritic makes it's funny this game gets a get out of jail free card for it's easiness because it's MARIO but they dog R&C..for the same thing...

I've played it's a good game..but it's doesn't deserve all the 10/10.nd even an 11/10...

TruthbeTold3956d ago

SMG is easy? Maybe half of it is easy, but it's a rare person it seems that doesn't appreciate the gradual increase in difficulty. I decided when I bought this game that I would go the purist route and get all 119 stars before I beat it because I had a similar concern. After 80 or so I said screw that idea and went ahead and beat it. A week later I am somewhat stuck at 111 stars. The blue and red comet levels have many among them that are downright nasty, the green star levels are crazy, and the purple comet levels are pretty much evil. Did you play the whole game or did you just beat it real quick and cast it aside? I don't think there is such a thing as a gamer that won't be greatly challenged on at least 10-15 levels on that game.

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360sucks3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

maybe about 5 years ago
the game is about 5 years 2 late
i dont care about reveiw
i played the game from start 2 finish
and just a good game its way 2 easy

Rossi-4-Ever3956d ago

Hi there i know its off topic but this amazing patch has totally transformed the best f1 game to ever come out on a console, now the game is so much better you can feel every bump and the force feedback has to be the best i have ever experianced.

I live in the UK and dont know if this patch is worldwide or not. Note this has nothing to do with the mirror patch and i can see no options to connect the psp as a wing mirror.

Just load the game up and it will tell you version 1.10 is ready to download, click on yes and enjoy the game, good time to buy a logitech wheel for your ps3. I have a driving force EX wheel and its perfect.


TruthbeTold3956d ago

I don't believe you. I believe you when you infer that you don't particularly care for this game. But I don't believe you that you played it from start to finish and found it easy, unless you just called it quits after 60 stars. If the latter is the case, then you are missing out my friend. You should revisit the game and have some more enjoyment. :)


Edge lost all credibility when they gave Halo 3 10/10.

Maestro3956d ago

But they recovered the credibility when they gave a perfect score to a perfect game (Super Mario Galaxy). Lol all those haters, keep pressing the disagree button!! LOL.

forum_crawler3956d ago

Need more bubbles.
Haters cannot deal with the reality you talk about, therefore they try to keep you quiet...

Danja3956d ago

why don't you check his comments and you will see why had 2 bubbles..he's a troll...that spews negativity about the PS3...

Rooftrellen3956d ago

"why don't you check his comments and you will see why had 2 bubbles..he's a troll...that spews negativity about the PS3... "

Do you deserve the same number of bubbles as him?

Or does he deserve the same number of bubbles as you?

KeiZka3956d ago

A troll crying about trolls? Danja, you are a hypocrite. And you know it.

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