A Warning About Multiplayer Syndrome

With more and more games losing focus on the campaign and instead focusing on the multiplayer element, could it be that we're starting to see the Multiplayer Syndrome pandemic? And could multiplayer only games really be a good thing?

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2535d ago

This is why, if I were a game developer, I'd lock out the multiplayer until the story is finished.

gcolley2534d ago

and that is why i would not buy your game. i bet you would then sell an unlock code.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2533d ago

No. No unlock codes. If it's too much work to engage more than three brain cells to keep up with the story (note I said story, NOT campaign. I won't be making any CoD clones) then any game I would make is probably not going to be on your radar anyway.

admiralthrawn872534d ago

what about warhawk and unreal tournament? great examples of how MP only works good. i believe that developers should start offering multiplayer only portions of the game for cheaper than full retail price.

but i also agree with the article in a lot of ways. goldeneye, halo, gears of war, these benefit from the campaign tremendously.

JonahNL2534d ago

I will always prefer singleplayer over multiplayer. I'm currently playing L.A. Noire on PC, instead of Battlefield 3. Why? Because L.A. Noire's storytelling got me by the balls.

C_Menz2534d ago

Yet another article using the Socom Confrontation artwork. At least tag it!

Hagaf222534d ago

Thank goodness I'm not the only one noticing this. I'm sure this picture will never die and be used over and over again for the wrong game. Next we'll see if used for Rainbow Six: Patriots.

I wish some one would make a story about this picture and how it is only from the game "Socom: Confrontation". No other game used this image.

Please Let This Image Die, it's not the face of fps'

TacoTaru2534d ago

Online Multiplayer games are like Reality TV shows. They don't require expensive creativity and story and environment but they somehow appeal to the masses.

Winkle922534d ago

I think people just prefer the social aspect of multiplayer. Singleplayer is fun on occasion, but I'd rather share stories with friends than be told a story. Personally.

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