Game Guys review - Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

Game developer Spike's newest title, Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi artistically crafts the classic manga-style cartoon into video game form.

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ShoryukenII2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

This game is a failure. Almost all anime games are just fanservice. They are made to make us fans happy. That means jam in as many characters and abilities as possible. Make it possible to recreate all of those epic battles from the show. That includes alternate costumes, loads of stages (day and night), a great single player with beautiful cutscenes and great multiplayer (local and online).

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and Budokai 3 had all of this (except for online). Tenkaichi 3 in particular had close to 200 characters (if you include transformations). There were some characters that felt similar and certain abilities that were given more than one character. But it made the fans happy. So it was successful. This game is none of that. Going from 200 to 50 is pretty pathetic. This is like the Tenkaichi version of Infinite World. In other words this is crap. The character creation is nice but not enough.

I don't know why they don't just remake Tenkaichi 3 and Budokai 3 in HD with online. They would sell millions. Oh well. At least Naruto is putting out crap like this.

ThanatosDMC2596d ago

Budokai 3 HD online would be one of the best releases I'd look forward to.

ThanatosDMC2596d ago

What I don't understand is how they can keep making crap when they perfected the gameplay on the PS2 versions.

ShoryukenII2596d ago

I believe the original Budokai series was developed by Dimps. But they also developed that abomination called Infinite World. Spike makes the Tenkaichi style which reached its pinnacle with Tenkaichi 3. That game was equivalent to Budokai 3 to me. What both companies share in common is that they make something awesome one year but the next year, they produce shit.

I think the best way to do it is to go back to their 1 2 3 style. They make 1 to establish the gameplay, 2 to refine it and add more characters and 3 to perfect everything. I'd just end up waiting for 3 and maybe renting 1 if it is something entirely new (like Tenkaichi 1 was). Naruto is doing it and they seem to be doing pretty well.

I think that maybe a possibility because this game is equivalent to Infinite World, as far as I can tell. Hopefully they go back to 1 2 3 after this.

Deadpool6162596d ago

I can't understand how these games got worse with new technology. Looking pretty just ain't gonna cut it.