Truck with 6000 Modern Warfare 3 games robbed in France

Yesterday morning occured an attack on a van in the area of Créteil in France . Inside the van were video games (copies of Modern Warfare 3) for a value estimated at around 400,000 euros.

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Pikajew2474d ago

Some people really want it.

deus_ex2474d ago ShowReplies(9)
StraightPath2474d ago

Wow...Call Of Duty really wanted game :D I saw a game shop near my work place there was a big line waiting for MW3 this shop was selling it couple of days early.

iJihaD2474d ago

"a value estimated at around.." ?? REALLY?

You guys can't even know how much EXACTLY "6000" Copies cost?

crxss2474d ago

sounds like The Fast and The Furious plot lol

princejb1342474d ago

call of duty fever, reminds me when gta4 came out, people were waiting outside gamestop for people who bought it than jumped them for the game

Mystogan2474d ago

they wanted to make sure that nobody buys this crap.

Lavitz20122474d ago

If that was me i would have blown it up.

ATi_Elite2474d ago

So many comments.............But what caught my attention was that the Pirates used Tear Gas!!!!!

I would expect Tear Gas for a Bank robbery or armor car heist but automatic weapons and Tear Gas to rob some guy making $9 hr. driving a van?

luckily there were no "Killstreak" involved!

Jneal72473d ago

I blame Grand Theft Auto (Sarcasm)
What's worse than robbers? Robbers with bad taste in videogames. They should have taken a good game like Skyrim

YodaCracker2473d ago

I blame Saints Row. I hear they beat the driver with sex toys before fleeing with the truck.

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NYC_Gamer2474d ago

these dudes really love call of duty

Pl4sm42474d ago

no .. this proves that cod fans are desperate ,crazy , and will do anything

KonGreat2474d ago

or just some people see a way of a easy money. If they sold the games at quarter of the price they'll still have 100,000 euros.

hotskys2474d ago

aww someones mad that no one ever did this for their favorite game because it's not as wanted.

TheDivine2474d ago

LOL its not cod fans its organized crime. Theres always hiests going on. Some factory worker tipped someone off about a shipment and they robbed it and prob either gave the informant a cut or killed him to cover theier tracks.

Thats what i would think rather than some nerdy teens going OMG TEH COD I NEEDZ IT NOWZ!!!

Grendizer2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

i can see how this went down.. a bunch of cod elites.. dressed up in camo armor with some walki-talkis and the night vision goggles from mw2.. they also used the rc from bo.. " camping"

lugia 40002474d ago

Why do some people love COD that much?


Bcuz its FUN. People love to hate what's successful but the haters forget they are fans who don't care what they say.

Diablokiev2474d ago

Robbers love money, not CoD

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