New PES 2008 patches bring mixed results (formerly Pro-G) reports:

"Konami has made available the long awaited update for PES 2008 on PS3 and Xbox 360 - with mixed results.

...despite the excitement and anticipation surrounding the updates it appears they are only mildly successful. Console owners are reporting that while the patches do improve matters online somewhat, there is still warping, teleporting and lag, despite the updates."

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stevenhiggster3956d ago

I reckon its just people with crap connections! lol

jromao3956d ago

...and the on-line mode still under work, as message Konami posted there when we click on "Network".

Meantime, off-line runs smooth now, very nice.

v1c1ous3956d ago

who's up for this more interesting outset?

EDIT: no i'm not gay

Snukadaman3956d ago

so was there a patch for the xbox or what...we were only getting reports for the ps3 version? but reading the story it seems that the ps3 version was worst with the problems.

greenenvy3956d ago

for PES fans you need to just re-do this in an update separate to each version.......

that's the only way.....stop doing anything else

Lex Luthor3956d ago

I never knew the Ps3 version was THIS crippled.

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