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No Mandatory Install for Modern Warfare 3 on PS3

Modern Warfare 3 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated shooters to be releasing this year, with Activision’s massive marketing budget, and the Call of Duty tag hanging heavily on its shoulders. Expected to break all previous sales records, the game’s got a lot to prove. Being the highest selling franchise on the PlayStation 3, the title’s no doubt being looked up to by fans worldwide. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PS3)

gryfindor1  +   1031d ago
50MB...damn...have to clear out my PS3 HDD...oh i cant do that...its filled with installations...sigh. Knew this day would come. Have to get a 320 gb PS3 now.
Agent Smith  +   1031d ago
egidem  +   1031d ago
NEW-AGE  +   1031d ago
NEW-AGE  +   1031d ago
( • )( • ) ( • Y • ) { * Y * }
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LordLaguz  +   1031d ago
Oldman100  +   1030d ago
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.……/::::::::/. “„-”;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;&# 175;"-„”~---„„„„_:::::::”„
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Smelly1sam  +   1030d ago
Kran  +   1030d ago

onyoursistersback  +   1031d ago
shouldn't this be more of an issue with xbox owners?! You know cuz most the xbox they sold are 4gb......
We all know most ps3 owners have more then enoff room in there hardrives.
NukaCola  +   1031d ago
True, but it's not an issue with anyone. I mean it's 50mb. DLC on the otherhand is where the memory gets eaten.
gamingdroid  +   1031d ago
There is no mandatory installation on the Xbox 360 games at all... so technically it is never an issue.

I wonder why they would list 50MBs for the PS3? Maybe it is just for save games?
xAlmostPro  +   1031d ago
Erm it's not 50mb :P the only install i have been prompted with(been playing since yesterday) was like a 20mb update :)..
andrewsqual  +   1031d ago
Clearly they are putting 50mbs on the disc to cover themselves when they release like 20 patches for the game which will eventually reach 50mbs and up in size.
Snakefist30  +   1031d ago
MariaHelFutura  +   1030d ago
psb  +   1031d ago
That's non-existent, does any one know how much did MW2 require? Good news though.
mandf  +   1031d ago
shodaime  +   1031d ago
I have a 320 gb and don't really have alot of thing on my ps3 so I'm good..

Can't wait for Tuesday
playstationfans  +   1031d ago
the less space required the better, I just hope the game lives up to expectations though. CoD titles are getting more generic by the day.
Burning_Finger  +   1031d ago
That's the full game size of COD:MW3.

50 Freaking MB. LMAO

I doubt Skyrim and Bethesda can beat that. lol
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shadowmoses623  +   1031d ago
That's actually how much content they added from MW2 to MW3. =P
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theonlylolking  +   1031d ago
Now that is major trolling.
arabiensoldier  +   1031d ago
There shouldn't even be an article nobody expected MW3 to have a large install requirement.
lorianguy  +   1031d ago
Ach! I don't have that kind of space! Who do you think I am, Jesus?

But that's quite bad. And the <256mb ram recommendation for PC is not a good sign.
xAlmostPro  +   1031d ago
graphically it's no different from mw2 :)
Sarobi  +   1031d ago
Must be those HD texture packs
FlareDReborn  +   1031d ago
Darn man now i gotta buy another hard-drive. *Sigh* Darn MW3 and its giant instillation.
GraveLord  +   1031d ago
SIGH. I guess I'll delete my BF3 files so I can install this :D
MrBeatdown  +   1031d ago | Well said
I love when websites make a story out of nothing to get hits.
DK99  +   1030d ago
Great another year of listening to my BD drive constantly going nuts whilst playing COD. The last 2 CODs have been PS3 killers. BD drive goes every time due to the amount of continus loading it has to do. I've done 4 machines now, all same thing. Why can they not include install feature for PS3 like Xbox users get. Bit of a joke really
News4Noobs-  +   1030d ago
Great... I guess you will have to check your ps3 (if you even have one) because last time i checked, the xbox 360 makes a lot more noise than the Ps3 even with the game installed. So your point? As far as I know since 2006 of PS3... Never had that problem even with games that cant be installed.
DK99  +   1030d ago
Your an idiot. Actions speak louder than words and 4 broke BD drive tells me that. My friend plays his COD on his Xbox as much as I play it on my ps3. I've gone though 4 BD drives he's done 1 DVD drive. Side by side the PS3 is way more noisy than the Xbox with COD. Yet when I play GT5 with about 9gb installed on system almost silent, only loading on boot up and to load tracks. That's what games should sound like. All im asking for common sense reasons really is to add an install option like Xbox has. Fequently accessed data is much better to be installed on HDD regardless.
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