Which Retailer Benefits Gamers The Most? (Part 4: Wal-Mart)

Trendy Gamers: In this feature, we will explore which video game retailer benefits gamers the most. The retailers we’ll be looking at are Best Buy, Game Stop, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. The last retailer on the list is probably the retailer with the most locations; Wal-mart. Wal-mart has been around for what seems like forever but more recently, Wal-mart has seen the potential of gamers and gaming. Because of this, they have been pushing hard to try to win our business.

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KonGreat2567d ago

Great article!
although would have loved to see some more detail breakdown of what they offer ie pre order bonuses, their trade in policy and how much you get if you trade in. and more of a review of the retail store... hah but anyways a good read. would love to see if someone did it for europe's retailers

VforVideogames2567d ago

Easy answer on who has the best deal for us..... hands buy.

Solidus187-SCMilk2567d ago

I like amazon and bestbuy. Amazon has great prices and credit and best buy has some good sales sometimes but I really like the gamers club reward zone. I used my points to get 40$ off dark souls.

Walmart I dont like. I hate having to get someone to unlock the case and get the games because half the time there is no one there or they are busy and I have to wait.