10 Cutting Edge Videos That Show What Next Gen Will Be Like

"With the big players starting to unveil their new consoles, it seems like that promise of a ten year console generation is a little bit far-fetched. With that in mind, it’s about time to start making wild speculations about what the next generation of gaming will hold. Follow us as we guide you through ten videos that may bear a passing resemblance to next generation gaming."

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piroh2571d ago

"it seems like that promise of a ten year console generation is a little bit far-fetched"

i don't think so, look at PS2. 11 years and still selling

on topic, it's amazing when i look to the future. augument reality, biometric controllers, gyroscope, photorealistic graphics, Naughty Dog next-gen engine, touch controls... happy gamer :)

Tanir2571d ago

happy with even longer dev times, more expensive games, more shortcuts, more shooters? >_> unless its super easy to use i dont see next gen being all good for us

Autodidactdystopia2571d ago

The dude left out a bunch of really kickass technologies that i know off the top of my head that easily outclass those, i don't like this article, I honestly Think I could have done better.

for example

and this could probably run current gen.

dark-hollow2571d ago

The console generation is considered done when it successor has been released.

mike_d_2571d ago

Honestly in-game visuals like this for consoles wont look like that for another 2-3 generations.

kcuthbertson2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Did you even read the article...?

Most of the footage isn't even about graphics...and the graphics stuff they did show has already been created on existing and upcoming hardware...

Plagasx2571d ago

Where the fuck is the Samaritan tech demo???

ShoryukenII2571d ago

It is the Unreal one one the second page of the article.

Coffin872571d ago

It would be a hell of a lot easier to judge over these vids if they weren't in the lowest possible resolution.
You post an article about graphics, what is the best thing you can POSSIBLY do to get the best out of it? Compress the videos to 240p or something.
Yay! Fail.

tubers2570d ago

Wanna know what early next gen consoles does? Look at what graphics enthusiasts PC gamers install on their system.

It'll be a while before the next gen consoles bring out a U2/UC3 equivalent against the advancement of PC graphics (considering mods)

That being said, I can't wait for Crysis like graphics with Augmented Reality! Wanna check some CG chicks out hehe